Round Up of the Most Popular Wineries on the East Coast

The knowledge of grapes and wine is as old as the cultural history of mankind. From Pharaohs using red wine in their ceremonies due to its resemblance to blood, to courses being offered in universities about wine-tasting, this alcoholic beverage has come a long way.

Why Should You Go on a Wine Tour?

"Life is too short for bad wine."

The East Coast's treasure of thriving, lush vineyards has made it a popular destination for wine enthusiasts all over the world. These East Coast regions are thriving with ample grape production, stunning vineyards for the ideal wine vacations with friends or family to take a weekend, a few days or longer, to explore, feast, and wander.

Stroll through the busy coastal cities, most of which offer excellent accommodation and dining options, as well as giving you the best opportunity for some half or full-day touring options.

Woman stomping grapes

Wherever you’re located on the East Coast, take a gander at the local wineries in that area; there will be many with an impressive history. You might not feel it from far away, but when you hear about the long-standing traditions and see the vast expanse of such vineyards up close - you won't hold back.

The best wine is not necessarily the most expensive one. The only way of finding the wine that complements your taste is by... tasting it (who’d have guessed?!), and what better opportunity of exploring the finest wine for you than a wine tour.

Though wine tasting and tours sound expensive, they can be quite affordable. If you're looking for an experience of nature, in particular, make sure to take a tour of any wineries nearby. Often, you can taste a lot of wines for free.

Couple running through vineyard

If you plan to visit the wineries in the summers, check out this article we wrote on beating the heat to make sure you are safe under the beating sun. Plus, wear custom insoles to ensure you are comfortable for all the walking you’d be doing!

Most Popular Wineries on The East Coast

We have carried out extensive research and compiled a list of the most famous wineries on the East Coast that you would want to visit.

Here are some possibilities to explore:

1723 Vineyards

Address: 5 McMaster Blvd, Landenberg, PA 19350, United States

Phone: 888-330-0526

1723 Vineyards

1723 Vineyards is one of the most famous wineries on the East Coast. The vineyard consists of 7 acres. If you are looking for premium wines like Cabernet Franc, this winery is the best place to visit.

The best time to visit 1723 Vineyards is during their annual November harvest festival. The price of wine bottles at 1723 Vineyards starts from $25.

Gotham Winery

Address: 115 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010, United States

After you've fought through the maddening traffic in NYC, Gotham Winery will be waiting to provide you a lovely experience. They offer affordable wines to modern wine drinkers. You can buy their membership to enjoy premium benefits, including private events, tastings, and education.

They have a wide range of wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, etc. The prices start from $24.99.

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Spring Lake Winery

7373 Rochester Rd, Lockport, NY 14094, United States

Phone: 716-439-5253

Spring Lake Winery offers a wide array of award-winning wines. You can enjoy a glass of wine with chicken BBQ with your friends.

Apart from enjoying the beautiful scenery at Spring Lake, you can enjoy dinner at their café. The prices of wine tastings start from $7.

Renault Winery

Address: 72, North Bremen Avenue, Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215

Phone: 609-965-2111

Egg Harbor City, NJ

Renault Winery has been serving wine to its loyal customers for 156 years. It is also a fantastic place for a destination wedding. You can go on a wine tour with your fellows for wine-tasting from one of the oldest operating wineries in the United States.

Moreover, you can also play golf at their golf course, which opened in 2005. The prices of the wines start from $8-$10.

Laurita Winery

Address: 85 Archer town Road, New Egypt, New Jersey, USA

Phone: 609 752 0200

Laurita Winery planted its first vines in 1998. The winery consists of 44 acres. You can enjoy wines made from a variety of different grapes.

Moreover, there are a lot of events every week that you can attend. For instance, you can enjoy a BBQ grill night.

The prices of the wine bottles start from $18. If you are with a group of friends, you can buy a pack of wine bottles at discounted rates.

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Stone Tower Winery

Address: 19925 Hogback Mountain Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175, United States

Phone: 703-777-2797

If you are a mountain lover, you should visit the 300-acre mountain top Stone Tower Winery. This beautiful winery was established in 1982. It's owned by the Huber family and has been serving several wine lovers for many years.

Moreover, you can buy their membership and enjoy the welcome package of 4 wine bottles. The prices of wine bottles at the Stone Tower Winery start from $30.

Saint Michaels Winery

Address: 609 S Talbot St, St Michaels, MD 21663, United States

Phone: 410-745-0808

Wine bottles on pier

Saint Michaels Winery offers a wide variety of wines to satisfy any palette. Their wine collection ranges from the white, white blend and rose to red and red blend.

You can go on a wine tour with your loved one and enjoy top-notch wines at affordable prices. The prices of wine bottles at Saint Michaels Winery start from $12.

Hardwick Winery

Address: 3305 Greenwich Rd, Hardwick, MA 01082, United States

Phone: 413-967-7763

Hardwick Winery planted its first wines in 1998. The winery consists of 150 acres, and it was voted the Best Winery in Massachusetts. Be prepared to return with cases of their beautiful blends.

Their wine collections include Yankee Boy White, Yankee Girl Blush, and Massetts Cranberry, etc. You should try their wines!

Boston Winery

Address: 26 Ericsson St, Boston, MA 02122, United States

Phone: 617-265-9463

Couple wine tasting

Boston Winery is no doubt one of the best wineries on the East Coast. They offer a variety of award-winning wines. You can make your wine if you have bought their membership.

The prices of wine bottles at Boston Winery start from $18.

Gouveia Vineyards

Address: 1339 Whirlwind Hill Rd, Wallingford, CT 06492, United States

Phone: 203-265-5526

Gouveia Vineyards is located high atop 140 acres. You can enjoy panoramic views of lush woodland while tasting one of their 11 award-winning wines.

Moreover, you can come during the winter break with your partner and cozy up to a warm fire. The prices of wine bottles at Gouveia Vineyards start from $18.

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