The breeze of a flip flop. The support of a sneaker.

Award-winning FitMyFoot sandals are made to fit your feet and your lifestyle.
Available in Comfort Plus (custom) and Comfort (semi-custom), our sandals provide the support that traditional flip flops lack.
Go ahead, wear them all day, every day. We dare you.

FitMyFoot Comfort Plus Sandals

Flip flops for each unique foot.

Comfort Plus custom sandals are scientifically proven to reduce foot pain and improve stability. Order and get fitted from the convenience of your smartphone.

FitMyFoot Comfort Sandals

Ready to give flip flops another chance, but not ready for custom yet?

Our semi-custom Comfort Sandals provide support and durability that last well beyond store-bought brands.

Shock-Absorbing Heel Cushion

Absorbs shock so your feet don't have to, proven to reduce foot fatigue and keep you comfortable longer.

FitMyFoot Comfort Plus Sandals

FitMyFoot Comfort Sandals

The best proof comes from people like you
Jason Kamdar


My Fit My Foot sandals literally saved my feet. I used to have terrible arch pain to the point I would hobble when getting up from a chair or hopping out of the car after a long drive. I recently went on a month long trip to Bali and was freaked out that I would be running around in standard flip flops and killing my feet for a month (you don't wear shoes in Bali). My FitMyFoot sandals arrived two days before departure and absolutely saved my feet from destruction. Thank you Fit My Foot!

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Caroline Brooks

Active hiker and Traveler

just love my fitted sandals!! I’ve never been a sandal person because there’s no support and the strap between my toes wasn’t comfortable and my heels would ache. But the fitted arch of the FitMyFoot sandals keeps me walking in comfort all day, just like my good hiking boots. I have also bought several pairs of inserts for cute shoes I like. After miles of walking while traveling the world, my first pair of sandals wore out. I’m onto my second pair now. There’s no need to buy anything else. Nothing compares to the FitMyFoot sandal and inserts!

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