Insoles for every foot. Easy to get. Scientifically Proven.

Reduce foot pain, achieve better body alignment and make your shoes fit better with FitMyFoot insoles. Available in Comfort (semi-custom) and Comfort Plus (custom) our insoles are easier to get than store-bought brands and provide results that rival medical-grade orthotics.
The magic is in our foot science, including our multi-patented combination of biomechanics, and the latest in computer vision and 3D technology, ensuring the perfect fit and support – guaranteed.

Shock-Absorbing Heel Cushion

Absorbs shock so your feet don't have to, proven to reduce foot fatigue and keep you comfortable longer.

FitMyFoot Comfort Plus Insoles

Want the benefits of medical-grade orthotics without the hassle and hefty price tag? Comfort Plus custom insoles are scientifically proven to reduce foot fatigue and pain and improve stability. Order and get fitted from the convenience of your smartphone.

FitMyFoot Comfort Insoles

Disappointed with your off-the-shelf insoles, but not ready for custom? Comfort semi-custom insoles deliver where others fail, with support and durability that lasts well beyond store-bought brands.
The best proof comes from people like you
Toshia Bryant


‘I’ve been working in the restaurant industry for 19 years, where I’m constantly moving and on my feet. Throughout the years I’ve felt the toll it has taken on my body. I’ve tried recommended industry shoe brands, along with a wide variety of insoles that just couldn’t hold up to the excruciating hours my feet would endure. I was introduced to FitMyFoot where I was able to get my foot scanned down to how high my arch was and the precise insole that molded perfectly to my feet. I was able to finally work a shift without back aches and having that tingly sensation throughout my feet after a long workday! My feet couldn’t be happier.’

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Lauren McCann

AA Flight Attendant

Being on my feet all day on the airplane and walking through countless airports can sometimes be unbearable. Thanks to my new FitMyFoot custom-made insoles, I can now walk around with ease and a 4-to-6-day travel week doesn’t seem so bad, thank you!

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Kaitlin Crowley


I used to have trouble getting through a workout without stopping between exercises to take off my shoes & rub my feet. Since I got these insoles, I train harder & longer with zero pain in my feet.

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Kevin Priestley


I’m extremely happy with the ease it was to get them fitted and the quick turnaround. They make standing so much more comfortable and they support my feet all day. This allows me to feel stronger standing all day. The insoles fit perfectly into my shoes whereas with other orthotics, I had to get larger shoes to fit the inserts in.

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Veronica Jurado

Hair Stylist

As a hair stylist that stands on her feet 10-12hrs five times a week, often times I come home and feel like I have needles on the bottom of my feet since they are in so much pain. After being introduced to FitMyFoot custom insoles and it's like walking on a cloud. My feet don't swell as much and definitely aren’t in pain at the end of my day like they use to. I wish I had gotten these insoles years ago and saved me all those foot aches. Best decision ever

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Parth P.

Hated standing for long periods

I put them on and it was like I'd been wearing them for a year already. Everything just felt immediately right. Anytime anyone complains about their feet hurting or shoes being uncomfortable, I tell them, 'you should try out this company called FitMyFoot'."

Premium Wool Insoles

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Dawn-Ann D

Beat chronic foot pain from flat feet

I remember wearing them right out of the box not needing to do anything. It was just a godsend, quite honestly. Anytime I come across someone, I'm like "...oh my gosh, you have to try these things. Money back guarantee. You're going to love them. Everyone I've talked to has never returned them."

Full Length Insoles

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Clay S.

US Army Infantry Officer

Most people who are serious about taking care of their feet don't wear the insoles that come in [tactical] boots. Obviously, the technology you have works. The insoles that come back from those pictures match my feet perfectly and feel great. I would never want to wear another pair of insoles in my boots."

Full Length Insoles

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Paige Z

Pro Cyclist

I’m an endurance racer so I’m out on the bike for like three hours. Because I race in hard-soled cycling shoes [FitMyFoot Insoles] were a great insole for my foot, especially because I have a really high arch. I have a lot of heel problems, the arch of my foot would get really tight, [...] but with the Wiivvs I felt immediately that my heels weren’t as bad. When I started wearing the Wiivvs I noticed a drastic change in how my feet felt.”

Full Length Insoles

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Amar J

Plantar Fasciitis for me was kind of shocking because even around my house on hardwood floors I could not walk. With FitMyFoot I didn’t have to go to my podiatrist or my doctor [...] which saves me like, two working days. I’m really busy. I have so much faith in my FitMyFoot insoles that even if I don’t see a lot of cushioning [when shoe shopping] but I like the shoe I’ll buy it because I know my insoles will support my feet.”

Full Length Insoles

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Mary Greenhalgh

World Traveller

I do a lot of walking and running and half way through the day I was absolutely tired and I couldn’t move my feet anymore. This started to happen on a regular occurrence, and then I saw FitMyFoot on kickstarter and I supported. [With FitMyFoot Insoles] I found I could walk from the time I got up to the time I hopped into bed at about 9 or 10 o’ clock. They’re so good you forget about them”

Full Length Insoles

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Celcelia C


I use them in my running shoes and I really love them. I’m an avid trail runner so [FitMyFoot Insoles] have just made my trail runs a lot more comfortable, I don’t feel like I absorb as much of the shock. I haven’t really felt any shin pain or discomfort or numbness [since getting my FitMyFoot insoles].”

Full Length Insoles

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Johnathan B

Fitness Coach

I was able to run longer, better, and without as much foot fatigue as before.

Full Length Insoles

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Hanna B

I guess I would say I have hereditary bad feet. Now I can wear any type of shoe, I can stand for long periods of time where I would get sore feet before, and I can walk all over the place where before it would be kinda like ‘well that seems like a long way to go…’ I use them in every shoe. I’m wearing them about 12 hours a day. You can’t even tell they’re there but yet they’re giving me all that support that keep my feet from hurting.”

Premium Wool Insoles

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Christa E

Busy Mom

I’ve been wearing FitMyFoot insoles for almost a year. I’m a busy mom of four so staying off my feet isn’t really an option. I have a bunion on my right foot and that means it’s a different shape from my left foot. In the past it’s been very hard for me to find shoes that are comfortable. FitMyFoot has given me a lot more options when it comes to shoe shopping and I can stay on my feet longer with less pain”

Full Length Insoles

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Enjoy Custom Comfort
of people reported
improved foot comfort.
Less Heal Pain
Less Foot Cramping
Improve Stability
of people reported
increased stability.
Less Arch Pain
Less Leg Soreness
Stay Energized
of people report
less foot fatigue.
Less Knee Pain
Less Joint Pain
Reduce Pain
of people reported
feeling less pain.
Less Lower Back Strain
Less Back and Neck Soreness

How FitMyFoot Insoles compare



ACTUALLY support your arch

$79 - $99

Off the shelf

$20 - $100

Other custom insoles




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