How to Beat the Heat this Summer

For most of us in North America, we’re itching for summer. We count down the cold, dark days of winter in excitement of the warmth and sunlight of summer. But the reality of the increasing temperatures in the summer isn’t always sunny (excuse the pun). The summer heat can be dangerous for the very young and the elderly, and for others, it can be frustrating.

In this article, we at FitMyFoot rounded up some useful tips to help you manage the heat this summer, so share it with a friend or family member that lives in a hot climate who may benefit from this information. Let’s get started!

The Rising Temperatures

Since 1895, temperatures in the U.S. have increased at anaverage of 1.3°F to 1.9°F, the majority rise occurring after the 1970s. In Canada, temperatures have soared twice as much as the global average, with an increase of 1.7°C in the last fifty years. 2016 was the hottest year recorded since record-keeping started in the U.S.and Canada, followed by 2020. Thetop 5 warmest years in human history have all occurred in the previous decade.

According to statistics,around 1700 people die each year in the U.S.due to heat-related issues; however, the official count is expected to be way higher due to underreporting of deaths. In Canada, the record-shattering heatwave in 2021 may have killed more than500 people.

How to Cope With the Heat

With temperatures rising this summer, you must keep yourself cool. Here’s a list of things you can do to manage and beat the heat and keep yourself calm and safe in blistering temperatures.

Wear Appropriate Clothing and Shoes

Wearing the right clothes and shoes is another way you can beat the extreme heat in summer. Cotton and silk are summer-friendly materials that can help you maintain your style and also provide coolness.

Fortunately,FitMyFoot offers super-comfortable sandals formen andwomen that can help your feet stay cool in the summer. This is particularly essential for seniors, who are more at risk to heat-stroke. Check outthis article we wrote about the importance of foot care for seniors.

Use Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans to drive out the hot air and retain the cold air can offer you breathing space in extreme heat. Ceiling or box fans can help in air circulation, make the house cooler, and provide respite from the warm temperature. When the sun is out in the morning and afternoon, windows and curtains should be kept shut to retain the cold air. In the evening and nighttime, windows can be opened to let the breeze in and help in ventilation.

Extreme heat can alsocause dehydration which can turn fatal if not attended to. As your body loses more fluids in sweat, water intake should be increased to replace these fluids and avoid dehydration of the body. In some cases, a person may need to eat something energetic with water or have a drink with electrolytes such as coconut water to restore lost electrolytes.

Soak Your Feet in Iced Water

Soaking feet and ankles in iced water can also bring the body temperatures down. This is because feet are quite sensitive to heat and have a lot of pulse points. If not taken care of, your feet can start hurting from the heat, especially if your job requires a lot of walking and roaming around.

eating watermelon

To avoid such an ordeal,FitMyFoot offers customized, breathableinsoles that are scientifically proven to reduce pressure on the feet and make walking while wearing shoes a comfortable experience.

Eat a Light Diet

Did you know that eating heavy, protein-based meals should be avoided as they increase metabolic energy and warm the body? That’s why in summer you should opt for light meals and increase your fruit intake, which is water dense. Mangoes, melons, and berries can keep you hydrated during scorching heat and improve your digestive system.

Alcoholic beverages can cause dehydration and, in extreme cases, seriously damage organs. Therefore they should be particularly avoided in the summers. Eating an unhealthy diet can affect your body and health in many indirect ways, too, such as causinginflammation on your feet.

Avoid Heat-Inducing Equipment

It is also advisable to avoid using microwave ovens and dishwashers in the summer. These types of equipment induce heat which can warm your apartment from the inside and add to the sweltering heat. You can order food or use a crockpot as alternatives.

heat-inducing equipment

Likewise, you should also remove incandescent light bulbs, which can produce a lot of heat. Other electrical equipment such as computers should be used only for short periods and shut down once the work is finished. It may sound extreme, but this tip can make a huge difference for individuals living in small spaces.

Stay Indoors

Staying indoors and directly avoiding the sun can help you remain cool in the extreme heat. If you need to head out, you should choose air-conditioned places such as libraries, malls, and museums and avoid outdoor areas such as parks.

When you return from outdoors, you can cool yourself byplacing a bucket of ice in front of your fan and keeping a wet towel on your neck and wrists. This produces a cooling effect on your body, and you will feel relaxed and wintry.

Keep Your Cosmetics Safe

lotion and oil

If you don’t have air conditioning or are traveling around in your VW Bus, put your lotions, moisturizers, and other cosmetic items should bekept in the refrigerator. They can go unspoiled for an extended period this way and cause a cooling sensation whenever you apply them. Using essential oils can also cause a cooling effect as they contain elements such as menthol that activate cold-sensing nerves.

Final Thoughts

Be careful this summer! The rising temperatures can be surprisingly deadly, so taking precautions is vital.

By eating healthy, dressing sensibly, andtaking care of our feet and body, we can protect ourselves from the blistering weather and allow for an amazing summer.

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