Here's the Problem

US workers spend an average of 61% of the workday standing or walking. 8 in 10 experience foot or back pain and half of all adults say that foot pain has restricted their activities. 39% say they would exercise more if it weren’t for their foot pain and 2/3rds of those with foot pain avoid seeking treatment. FitMyFoot hears and understands this worldwide problem. Therefor, we have brought custom footwear to the masses by eliminating the hassle of doctor visits and over priced orthotics by the ability to order and get measured through the convenience of a smartphone.

Our Results

Enjoy Custom Comfort

99% of people reported increased comfort.

Improve Stability

72% of people reported increased stability

Stay Energized

82% of people report less foot fatigue

Reduce Pain

80% of people reported feeling less pain

Claims and Benefits

Improve Comfort

Typically what makes your shoes uncomfortable/painful is the lack of support and cushioning. FitMyFoot products offer custom fit arch support to uniquely support your arches and entire foot, the way they were designed to be supported.​

The shock-absorbing heel cup prevents the strike of your heel against the ground from going straight up through the kinetic chain.​

Our top layers also offer improved cushioning and spring back, and reduced wear compared to stock insoles, which are typically designed to be the cheapest part of the shoe.

See study results below:​

99% of users agree that FitMyFoot insoles improve foot comfort.​

90% of users found FitMyFoot Insoles to be equally or more comfortable/supportive than competitor insoles.

88% of testers found FitMyFoot Insoles to be equally or more comfortable/supportive than prescribed custom orthotics.

Relieve Pain

FitMyFoot products help relieve pain in two ways: ​

Pressure/loading distribution: As your feet strike the ground, they absorb the impact of the force of your body meeting the ground. Without support, this impact primarily hits your heel and forefoot. FitMyFoot custom arch support distributes loading and force across your entire foot, relieving stress and strain on those peak pressure points, and relieving pressure on the plantar fascia. ​

Pronation reduction: Overpronation is a common cause of overuse injuries in running and standing. FitMyFoot products are scientifically proven to reduce pronation while running, and relieve the forces on the muscles of the foot required to resist pronation, helping to relieve a lot of the pain and fatigue most commonly caused by overpronation. ​


FitMyFoot products are scientifically proven to reduce pronation and the forces on the foot/ankle in resisting pronation. ​

Many of our customers report improvement in ranges of injuries and pain including: foot pain, foot fatigue, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, knee pain, back pain, sciatica, etc.​

  • 80% of customers report less heel pain​
  • 78% of customers report less foot cramping​
  • 77% of customers report less arch pain​
  • 75% of customers report less soreness in legs​
  • 71% of customers report less knee pain​
  • 68% of customers report less joint pain​
  • 69% of customers report less lower back strain​
  • 60% of customers report less soreness in their back and neck​
Reduce Fatigue

FitMyFoot products help relieve foot fatigue by better supporting the foot, by distributing force/loading across the whole foot instead of on key pressure points, and by reducing pronation and relieving the forces on the muscles of the foot required to resist pronation. 

FitMyFoot products help support the foot and ankle and resist overpronation, keeping your feet and body in position for optimal performance. This helps you stay in better alignment throughout the day, reducing strain on your feet and ankles, and keeping fatigue from getting in your way. 

82% of customers report less foot fatigue after/while wearing FitMyFoot.

Reduce Risk of Injury

FitMyFoot products are scientifically proven to reduce pronation, and the forces on the muscles of the foot required to resist pronation. These forces, along with over-pronation are attributed to common running and overuse injuries.​

FitMyFoot’s custom support helps to reduce muscle strain and alignment issues that can lead to common running injuries like plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and other overuse injuries.​

The constant strain of walking and standing all day on hard surfaces, that we often see in industrial athletes (such as nurses, construction workers, servers, etc), can cause many of these overuse injuries. By reducing the forces causing these issues, you stay more comfortable for longer in your position.

Provide Flexibility and Support

The human foot was designed to walk on surfaces like grass and earth—things that give way while you walk and offer a more natural cushioning across your entire foot. Not things like asphalt, concrete, or, you know, the treadmill. ​

We designed our FitMyFoot Insoles with this in mind to offer the perfect blend of support and flexibility. They provide precisely positioned support in specific areas of the foot, while being flexible in others. They’re sturdy enough to support your foot as you pound the pavement, but they’re still flexible enough to give your feet a natural range of motion so your muscles stay safe and strong. 

Improve Stability

The deep, contoured heel cup of FitMyFoot insoles provide improved stability by keeping your ankle in a correctly aligned position during heel strike and throughout the gait cycle. ​

72% of customers reported increased stability while wearing FitMyFoot insoles.

Improve Alignment

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, more than 60% of most common athletic foot injuries are directly associated with alignment issues. FitMyFoot products help resist overpronation, and the tibial (shin) and ankle rotation that occurs because of it, keeping users more aligned from the ankle up the kinetic chain (knee, hip, back), helping to stave off overuse injuries, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, achilles tendonitis, stress fractures and more.

FitMyFoot products have also been scientifically proven to reduce a number of areas of the biomechanical breakdown that happens across the kinetic chain as you run to fatigue.

Enhance Function and Health

FitMyFoot products help you stay aligned from the foot up the kinetic chain, to reduce a lot of the breakdown in your biomechanics that happens when you run. This alignment allows your body movements to be more efficient. ​

FitMyFoot Insoles provide significant relief from foot and leg fatigue, and enable people to continue normal activities without requiring alterations to amount or pace. See the following study results:​

  • FitMyFoot insoles help 72% of users feel less likely to miss out on my life’s key activities.​
  • FitMyFoot insoles help 79% of users be more active throughout and at the end of the day.​
  • FitMyFoot insoles help 86% of users stay on their feet longer at the end of the day.
Provide Relief for Common Pathologies

Plantar Fasciitis: FitMyFoot products are designed to help relieve plantar fasciitis by reducing improper loading across your foot that causes strain on the plantar fascia. Although FitMyFoot products are not corrective, thousands of FitMyFoot customers suffered from plantar fasciitis and have reported reduction and relief from their injury! (75% of customers say their plantar fasciitis was reduced after using FitMyFoot products).​​

Flat feet: When FitMyFoot’s computer vision technology detects flat feet, our “biomechanic filters” actually look at the curves of the foot to understand where the arch should be and create an arch designed to support your foot. This helps support and relieve pressure across the foot, to reduce a lot of the pain and fatigue associated with flat feet. ​​

Bunions: FitMyFoot’s custom arch support relieves loading and pressure on the forefoot and bunions by distributing them across the entire foot, allowing relief on bunions and the forefoot.

How We Do It

Digital mapping

Once you submit photos through the award-winning FitMyFoot app, we leverage the latest in computer vision and deep learning technologies to digitally map each of your completely unique feet to over 200 points.

Biomechanic enhancements

Our biomechanic filters identify foot pathologies like flat feet, and automatically enhance your custom arch to offer the support you need.

2D to 3D

We convert your unique foot data into 3D-printable files in seconds. Each order is quality checked by a biomechanic expert to ensure you'll get the best product possible.

Precision 3D printing

Your arches are 3D printed using the highest quality nylon material, offering flexibility to allow a healthy range of motion, while supporting your unique arches.

On-demand production

All FitMyFoot products are 3D printed on-demand in our factory in Phoenix, and delivered to your doorstep within 14 days. That means little inventory and less waste.

FitMyFoot's Biomechanics Advisory Board