The Best Fitness Retreats Happening in the U.S. this Summer

Ensuring our physical well-being is a duty that we owe ourselves. We can choose to take care of and love the body that we are given through a healthy lifestyle. Eating nutritious foods and regularly exercising are necessary for a healthy and fulfilling life. We cannot hope to be happy and mentally healthy if we ignore the needs of our bodies.

So how are you spending your summer? How about switching up your regular summer schedule of boozy beach days to a fitness retreat? It’s an opportunity to improve your health and happiness, while enjoying the great outdoors. With that in mind, we at FitMyFoot have compiled a list of the top ten fitness retreats that are happening in the U.S. this summer. Have a look at our list and see if there is a good one in your area.

Why You Should Go to a Fitness Retreat This Summer

According to astudy conducted by P. Callaghan, "there is evidence that exercise is beneficial for mental health; it reduces anxiety, depression, and negative mood, and improves self-esteem and cognitive functioning.” If you want to learn more about the link between exercise and mental health, check outthis article we wrote on our FootPrints Blog.

Thus, now that you are armed with the knowledge that exercise is beneficial for you both mentally and physically, you need information so that you can act upon this knowledge and enjoy your life to its fullest. Let’s get started with the retreats.

Top 10 Fitness Retreats in the U.S. This Summer

  1. Release and Reset Retreat
lake house on Canandaigua

There is an excellent Spa called Mayflower Inn & Spa that operates in Connecticut, Washington. Their "Release and Reset Retreat" allows guests to create their own perfect Retreat over a minimum of 3 nights stay. The activities and experiences that can be enjoyed are forest bathing, dharma talks, chef series, and gong baths. The nightly expense for two adults stands at $3100 and for four adults at $5950.

  1. The Lake House on Canandaigua

Love waterfalls surrounded by wineries and pristine landscapes? The Lake House on Canandaigua in New York's Finger Lakes region is the best retreat site for you! You can enjoy unique activities like "Snowga," guided meditation, and candlelight yoga classes. The activities are led by the on-site yoga instructor, Jennifer Hess. A three-day stay for one adult will cost you around $341.

  1. Zion National Park
There is a five-day Yoga and Wellness retreat in Zion National Park & Bryce in Utah. The activities range from massage therapy and yoga to wellness workshops and cooking classes. One of their signature activities is hiking. If you do decide to go, you can give the article we wrote on Hiking Safety Tips to make sure that you are ready for the trip. The Retreat currently costs around $1995.

  1. Blue Ridge Mountain Pilates & Yoga Retreat
If you live in Georgia, you might want to consider giving the 4 Day Blue Ridge Mountain Pilates & Yoga Retreat a shot. Spend a magical evening surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Georgia, with a weekend that is designed specifically for you according to what you communicate to their team.

Their signature activity is Pilates. If you plan on doing Pilates any time soon, you might want to give our article on how to improve your standing posture a read. This Retreat will cost you $975

  1. Day Women's Yoga & Climbing
day women's yoga

Some people don't feel comfortable taking camping trips with people of the opposite gender, especially because they are traveling alone and camping in the open. The 3 Day Women's Yoga & Climbing in Joshua Tree National Park, CA, is the perfect Retreat for women who need a break from men. What's more, there is an early bird discount which will help you snag a terrific deal of $350.

  1. Surf, SUP & Yoga Wellness

Surfing, snorkeling, cultural excursions, SUP, and yoga - these are only a few of the things you can do on the beautiful and magical island of Maui in Hawaii. Surrounded by blue waters and nature's most stunning sights, you can exercise out all that backache you've developed while sitting in your office chair. The Retreat is a bit pricey since it lasts for 6 days, but it is worth every cent. Bookings start from $2999.

  1. Fitcation Retreat

The 1team fitness team is made up of a small group of highly qualified and skilled trainers that will help you get fit during the 5-day Retreat. You can say goodbyes to your worries as the experts guide you and help you develop attainable fitness and health goals. The Retreat on Clearwater Beach, Florida, will cost you about $2950.

  1. Yoga, Adventure & Hiking Retreat
adventure & hiking retreat

Does your blood run hot at the thought of adventure? Are you tired of being constantly stuck at home with nothing to kill time? This 4 day Yoga, Adventure & Hiking Retreat has everything you need. Explore the Grand Canyon area, completely cut off from the world while you adventure through one of the greatest gifts of nature. If you do decide to go on an adventure, you might want to read our ultimate insole guide to make sure your feet are perfectly comfortable while you adventure. This adventure will cost you $1000.

  1. Day Yoga & Climbing

Do you want to get into climbing? Are you confused about where to start? Get ready for adventure, camping, climbing, and yoga in Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California. Even though climbing can be a highly draining activity, this 3-day retreat is the perfect mix of just relaxing in nature and intensive climbing sessions. Do not miss out on this life-changing Retreat!

  1. A Weekend of Yoga & Meditation

In the forests of Soquel, you have the opportunity to find yourself. Nature beckons you with open arms and encourages you to leave your worries and stress behind and develop a new outlook on life. If yoga is your thing, you will lovethis article we wrote on the 5 best low-impact exercises to try.

This 3-day retreat has a stunning venue, minutes away from the Pacific Ocean. The land of the medicine buddha rests in the redwoods, the perfect spot for a summer retreat. This Retreat will cost you $559.

Get moving this summer at one of these retreats! Make sure to keep up with ahealthy diet and recovery to keep progressing on your fitness journey. You’ve got this!

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