Insoles for every foot. Easy to get. Scientifically proven.

Reduce foot pain, achieve better body alignment and make your shoes fit better with FitMyFoot insoles. Available in Comfort Plus (custom) and Comfort (semi-custom) our insoles are easier to get than store-bought brands and provide results that rival medical-grade orthotics.

The magic is in our foot science, including our multi-patented combination of biomechanics, and the latest in computer vision and 3D technology, ensuring the perfect fit and support – guaranteed.

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Why FitMyFoot?

3D-Printed Custom Arch

Perfect support and flexibility - exactly where each foot needs it - promotes a natural, healthy range of motion in your ankle and foot.

Say No to Toe-Thong Trauma

Our ultra-soft, knit toe thongs are designed as a complete upgrade from the painful plastic traditional flip-flops that tear away at your toes.

Shock Absorbing Heel

Absorbs shock so your feet don't have to, proven to reduce foot fatigue and keep you comfortable longer. Anatomically shaped like a real human heel to stabilize and align your foot and ankle.

Optimal Traction

High-definition molded tread provides optimal connection between the shoe and the ground for better traction and performance.

Hear it From Our Customers

The best proof comes from people like you.

Mark Bailey

Great Product

One of the best pairs of insoles I've ever used! Love the custom fit and the heel cushion, makes my runs about 100% more comfortable than the standard insole that comes with the running shoe.

Carol Schmidt

Great Product

I have the sandals and I love them! No more foot pain. I had to stop wearing my traditional flip flops. These are wonderful!

Jacqueline Fuller Ruebke

Great Product

I tell an average of one person a week about your products. I am a nurse at a hospital which means walking on hard floors for 12 hours per shift. I don't hesitate to tell my co-workers about the insoles when I see them looking like they are hurting.