Round Up of the Most Popular Wineries on the West Coast

West Coast life has a lot to offer -- from its beaches to city life to its beautiful mountains. Aside from hiking, camping and paddle boarding, one of the most popular things to do on the West Coast is a wine tour. In this article, we share our round-up of the most popular West Coast wineries for your next adventure. Enjoy!

For tourists and wine enthusiasts looking for an opulent and sociable experience, visiting one of the hundred wineries and vineyards on the West Coast must be on the top of the list. Washington, Oregon, and California are the largest producers of American wine along the West Coast - more than 90 percentof total American wine production occurs in these states.

Three people toasting in a vineyard

California alone produces about 85 percent of the American wine and is also the world’s fourth leading wine producer. Tourists from all over the globe come here to explore the vineyards filled with the savory aroma of wines. The diverse climate in California allows for the healthy production of exquisite quality wines throughout the year. Wineries and vineyards are the second most famous tourist spots in California after Disneyland. A total of 14.8 million tourists visit the state’s wine areas every year.

So, anyone seeking some West Coast wine, or perhaps those planning for an adventurous summer vacation with friends and family, here are the most famous wineries on the West Coast that you must visit -- with or without the wine!

The best wineries on the West Coast

Bueno Vista WineryBuena Vista Winery: Located in the heart of California, Buena Vista is the best place to pop wine in indoor and outdoor settings - it is open daily for wine tastings (by appointment). They stand out because of their vintage ambiance and excellent customer service! Their wine collection ranges from $28 up to $250.

Sawtooth Winery: Found in 1987, Sawtooth has its roots soaked deep in the history of wine. With 70-acre Sawtooth Estate and the 400-acre Skyline Vineyard to its name, they capture Idaho and its natural beauty in their crisp wine flavors. They are open every day between 11 AM and 5 PM and can be reached at (208) 467-1200.

Arizona Hoops and Vines: Powered by the enthusiasm of two sisters, Arizona Hoops and Vines brands itself as “great wines and good times.” The winery is available for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings (at rent). Their wine club has a one-time $100.0 membership with exclusive benefits. Their wines range in Red, Rose, and White, with an average cost of a bottle of about $28.

Arizona is notoriously hot in summer, so make sure you are prepared for the climate. Check out this article we wrote with tips on how to beat the heat this summer.

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Balistreri Vineyards: Famous for their handcrafted wines, Balistreri Vineyards have earned themselves a name in the market. To book your reservation for wine tasting, visit here. The cheapest wine on their wine list is Colorado Cherry ($14.0), while the 2009 Colorado Cabernet Sauvignon (Lovies Vineyard) ($96.0) remains to be the most expensive in their stock. To check out your favorite wines, click here.

Yellowstone Cellars & Winery: Recognized as the best winery in Montana, Yellowstone Cellars and Winery produce their premium wines from vinifera wine grapes harvested at family vineyards in the Yakima Valley. They offer a (one-time fee) single membership for $15 while a couple’s membership for $25. To place an online order, click here. They can be reached out at 406-281-8400 for further details.

Nevada Sunset Winery:Next on the list is the best winery in Nevada. They take pride in being home winemakers after the legalization of wine in 2015. They can be contacted at alynn@nevadasunsetcom. They share their production and tasting space with Basin & Range and Great Basin wineries. You can check out their online store here.

Grapes on vineWines of the San Juan: Located in New Mexico has a reputation of having an excellent ambiance with friendly hosts that make the wine taste even better. For more information on their wine list, click here. They may be reached out at (505) 632-0879. Apart from the wines, their cheese boards are also famous among regular visitors.

Willamette Valley Vineyards: Located at a prime location in Oregon, Willamette Valley is famous for its categorical wines and the ancient history behind it. The scenic beauty of the valley makes the wine ten times better.

Founded with the aim of creating world-class Pinot Noir, Willamette does not fail to amaze its customers with its exquisite wine collection. They are open to welcome your canines with open hearts, too, so don’t wait and head on to book your reservations today by clicking here.

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The Hive Winery and Brand Company: Famous for their unique selection of ciders, meads, and wines, The Hive Winery and Brand Company is ‘all about the craft!”. They are open Monday through Saturday between 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM and only welcome a pick-up service for the wine as per the restrictions and threats imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on their products, check out their webpage here.

Ambassador Wines of Washington: Reviewed as “best of the best of northwest wines,” Ambassador Wines is truly the ambassador for the most renowned wineries on the West Coast and particularly Washington.

Their outdoor tasting area is suitable for the COVID-19 restrictions and helps create a natural yet eccentric ambiance for you to enjoy your wine. To avail a 10% discount on their Estate Envoy, use the code WINEMONTH. For more information on their wine catalog, click here. You may also reach out to them at 425-949-8322 and for further details shoot them an email at

Wyo Wine – Table Mountain Vineyards: Wyo Wine – Table never fails to amuse its visitors with the scenic beauty of its vineyards. Reputed for their hard work and hospitality, Wyo Wine Table has won many hearts in Wyoming. The Cowboy Blush remains popular amongst the visitors, while the others are not far behind. For further details and information, you may reach out to them at +1 307-459-0233.

Once you’re all ‘wined’ out but still keen to continue your summer adventure, check out this article we wrote that shared the best fitness retreats happening in the U.S. this summer or read Golf and Wine: The Perfect Pair from the team at FitMyFoot, make the most of your summer, enjoy!

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