Answers to our most common questions

FitMyFoot App

Do I need to take new measurements? I've previously ordered

If you are an existing customer or have already taken your foot measurements, you will not need to retake photos.

How do I retake my foot photos?

If your photos were rejected, tap "Profile" on the bottom left of your screen, in the FitMyFoot mobile app. You will be prompted to create or recapture your foot profile. Please contact to make a request to retake previously approved photos.

Why can't I have multiple foot photos on the same account?

Due to the personalized nature of our product, it’s very important that each person have their own account associated with their own foot photos. Fear not! It’s very easy to create multiple accounts even if you only have one device, you can even order form the same credit card across multiple accounts. After you’ve downloaded the app, create the first person’s account, and add the foot photos. Then, have the second person download the app to their own device, or if you are using the same device you will need to log out of your account. To logout of the app: click the user icon picture in the top left corner, then click on your name/email (top link), then click on sign out (bottom link)

Help! I don't have a wall without a curved rim

If put your heel up against a box (as a faux wall) during the top-down photos, this will give us the workaround we need. Our only request with this is to tape the piece of paper down to ensure it does not slide around/beneath the box during the process. Otherwise, if a box workaround is not an option - some customers have had success with using the flat edge of a door frame.

Placing orders

How can I redeem my gift card?

Gift cards can be redeemed at any time at check-out.

Can I redeem my referral credit and a promotional discount in the same transaction?

Unfortunately, no - since the referral credit is redeemed as a code, this cannot be used in tandem with a promotional discount code. Having said that, you will be give the option to redeem one or the other.

I forgot my password

Resetting your password is no problem at all, just follow these steps: On the website: 1. Click the person icon at the top right of the website. 2. Click the "Forgot Password?" link just above the red "Sign In" button. 3. Enter your email address, and you will receive a password reset link.

How do I purchase for someone else?

Due to the personalized nature of our product, it’s very important that each person have their own account associated with their own foot photos. Therefore we recommend that if you're buying for someone else, you purchase a gift card so that they can personalize their footwear and take their own foot measurements. Otherwise, if you purchase on their behalf, the insoles will be measured to your foot profile instead of theirs.

Your FitMyFoot Products

What do I do if my product doesn't feel right?

Oh no! Please reach out to with a description of the issue, and supporting photos.

How do I adjust my straps?

You can easily adjust your straps on each side to fit better. Just pull the strap down and out at the base of the sandal. They should easily “Pop!” out To loosen, move the teeth forward (toward the toe), to tighten, move the teeth backward (toward the heel). Then align with clips and push in. You should hear a “Click!” to ensure they are securely fastened. If the straps are still too loose or tight, email and we’ll help you out.

How do I switch out my straps?

Remove the sides of the straps from the base of the footbed by pulling down and out. Use one of the toe thong keys to remove the toe thong (there’s also a guide in your packaging). Insert teeth vertically at 12 and 6 o’clock and twist counter-clockwise to unlock. Voila, it should pop out. Grab the new strap, and insert the toe thong key into the teeth of the hardware at the edge of the toe thong. Insert the plastic hardware end (with key still in place) into the toe thong hole, with the key horizontally in the 9 and 3 o’clock position, twist clockwise to lock in-place. Need any further assistance? Email us at

Can I put women's straps on a men's sandal and vice versa?

No. Women’s straps only fit with women’s footbeds and vice versa for this version of sandal.

How do I clean my sandals?

You can clean the footbeds and the nubuck straps using warm water & a mild soap. However, if you have come across a substance that is in need of a deeper clean, we have found rubbing alcohol can remove the toughest of items (including clay based sand!). Just be sure to rinse the alcohol immediately after cleansing. With the exception of the leather straps, which are to be spot cleaned (as necessary) or taken to a cobbler for proper treatment. Do not use: acetone, paint thinner, nail polish remover, or any other harsh chemicals.

Receiving Orders

My insoles/sandals haven't arrived

Please send a note to if you haven't received your package within 3 weeks of placing your order. A common issue for delayed orders is that there was an issue with your foot measurements and we weren't able to get a hold of you.

I ordered multiple products but have only received one

Our products are currently shipped individually, so this is to be expected. If your second/third products hasn't arrived within a week of the first delivery, please reach out to