January 2021

Teams with OneEighty Foundation, UW Medicine, Community Cancer Fund, and Anaheim Fire Association to provide custom insoles for frontline workers during the COVID19 pandemic.

November 2020

Bold transformation to FitMyFoot, leading foot wellness company

October 2020

Launched first ever 3D interactive foot profile

August 2019

Partnered with Lululemon at SeaWheeze 2019

May 2019

Custom-fit sandals win Golden A' Design Award

September 2018

FitMyFoot-Built Custom Space Boot wins little inventor competition

April 2018

FitMyFoot engineer finishes Boston Marathon in FitMyFoot sandals

March 2017

Launches the world's first custom-fit sandals

February 2016

Breaks record as most funded 3D-printed product in Kickstarter history

July 2014

Established FitMyFoot (Formerly Wiivv Wearables)