Custom Arch Support Insoles - Wool

Length: Full Length

Full length insoles are best for every day shoes while 3/4 length insoles are best for narrow shoes and men's dress shoes


FitMyFoot custom 3D-prints your left and right arches down to the millimeter, so you can move the way you were made to. An effective, affordable alternative to medical-grade orthotics. We make your insoles to fit you and nobody else. Clinically proven to reduce pain, improve stability and improve comfort. Designed to relieve plantar fasciitis, foot fatigue, flat feet, high arches, knee, hip, and back pain.

Try your FitMyFoot insoles for 30 days. Don't love them? Send them back and we'll give you a full refund - They hardly ever get sent back to us!

What Makes FitMyFoot So Comfy

We brought custom insoles to your smartphone.

Say goodbye to off-the-shelf

Our 3D-printed custom arch supports your foot and ankle where you need it, but allows your foot to move as it was naturally designed to move, which helps maintain posture and overall strength.

Breathable Temperature Control

Stay warm in cool weather, and cool in warm weather.

No more heel discomfort

A biomechanically optimized heel shape that allows for all-day shock absorption and cushioning to keep you on your feet, for longer.

Odor Resistant

Keeps your shoes fresh with natural antibacterial and odor suppressing qualities.

Moisture Absorbing

Stay comfortable and dry all day. Wool can absorb almost one-third of its own weight in water.

Scan Your feet In Minutes

Our technology validates the photos you submit in our award-winning app, then digitally maps each foot with over 200 points to create footwear that is truly custom to your unique feet.

Our Results

Helps With

Plantar Fasciitis

FitMyFoot insoles and sandals are designed to reduce the pressure and loading of the plantar fascia, getting you moving pain-free, so you can move the way you were made to.

Foot Fatigue

Our stabilizing heel cup and custom-fit arch support are scientifically proven to reduce forces on the muscles and ligaments of the foot, decreasing foot fatigue.

High Arches

Our stabilizing heel cup and custom-fit arch support are scientifically proven to reduce forces on the muscles and ligaments of the foot, decreasing foot fatigue.

Flat Feet

Our Biomechanic Smart Filters identify flat feet and map a supportive arch unique to the size of your foot, offering a healthier alignment and reducing unleveled loading and pressure.

Knee, Hip and Back Pain

Knee, hip and back pain is often caused by joint misalignment. FitMyFoot helps put your feet back into a natural, aligned position, optimizing your biomechanics and reducing unhealthy and uneven strain on your knees, hips and back.

30 Day Happiness Guarantee

If you aren't 100% satisfied with your FitMyFoot insoles, return them within 30 days for a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Bruce Truong (Renton, US)
Best insole in the market.

This is my second pair wool custom arch support insoles. It solved my sore feet and knees while doing alot of walking. I normally do 8 miles of walking a day to explore local attractions while i am on travel. I love my first pair so much that i needed a second pair for alternating my shoes rotation.

Jayant Lokhande (Cerritos, US)

Custom Arch Support Insoles - Wool

Gail Schechter (Chestnut Hill, US)

This was my fourth pair of inserts that I purchased. Had a small problem with sizing. Customer service could not have been better. Sent me new ones immediately.

Customer (Rogers, US)
Happy Feet

I love my insoles. I like to run and I have tried several insoles to reduce the discomfort in my feet, knees and back during and after my runs. With my FitMyFoot insoles I have very little discomfort in all three. I love these insoles.

henry gardiner (Parker, US)
Wool Insoles - Oh So Right for Winter!!

Great fit, feels good in my winter boots. Thanks!!