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I love these insoles! I bought 3 sets, one for dress shoes, one for sneakers, and one for my house slippers. For the first time, I have insoles that fit my high arches. I especially like the improvement in my house slippers which I wear most of the time. Always comfortable and so supportive! Thanks, FitMyFoot!

Women's Custom Arch Support Sandals
Sarah (Scottsdale, US)
Sandals did not work

Unfortunately.. the attachment under the toe piece felt hard and sharp. The watch support seemed fine but the attachment was a deal breaker for me.


I can walk again. My feet have never felt as good .. really has helped me no pun get back on my feet
Will order a second pair

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Zircon
becker joseph (Huntington Beach, US)

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Zircon

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Gray
Sunanda Patel (Bellevue, US)

I had this as custom made from Costco
Road show shop and 1st time I walked 3 miles on trail with Hoka shoes

Best Fit Ever

My feet need an orthotic for any kind of comfort. I’ve used many different brands and they do ok. FitMyFoot is the best so far. I love the fit and the cool designs. Pretty fast shipping for a custom made product. I will definitely be ordering another pair.

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Wool
M.G. (Los Angeles, US)
Wool insoles

The insoles are a good addition to my boots.

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Black
Matt McCoy (Seattle, US)

I love my new insoles.

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Black
Lucy Fisher (Scottsdale, US)

Very poor support. Nothing like a professional orthotic.

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Zircon
Barbara Carr (Tempe, US)

The arch was not high enough for my foot -

Men's Custom Arch Support Sandals
Jacob Sebag (Scottsdale, US)
great support

product is excellent. Love it

Men's Custom Arch Support Sandals
Tim McKee (Bellevue, US)
Too big

I received my custom arch support Sandals a week ago. And they were way too big. I have like 3/4 of an inch to an inch room in the front of the sandal.
Can I return them for a smaller size?
I looked everywhere for a phone number, but I can’t find any Customer service number to call for an exchange.

Please call me at [****].
Tim McKee
Thank you

Women's Custom Arch Support Sandals
Robin Castrogiovanni (Bellevue, US)
Do not fit - weird open side.

The measuring process at Costco went wrong somehow and my sandals are about 1 size too big. Side by side next to my off the shelf Vionic flip flops they do not have the quality and the big open space under the arch is a collector of disgusting from outside. For the price, I choose my non-custom Vionic. Which offers arch support that is just as good. My custom orthotics from a podiatrist are much better than the FitmyFoot arch height (which is not quite high enough).

Men's Custom Arch Support Sandals
Eugene Hsu (Vienna, US)
COSTCO-measured support sandals

Unfortunately the measurements and my feet just didn't match-up. I have a friend who swears by these and would give five stars, but for my feet they were way too narrow even though they were measured at COSTCO during one of their special events. Worse, the toe position was painful, and that could be due to my feet just not meeting the standards. A "slider" option should be available without the flip-flop toe, so it would just depends on just the foot size.

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Frost
Simin Johari (Scottsdale, US)
It’s was very soft

My leg hurts

Men's Custom Arch Support Sandals
J.O. (Scottsdale, US)
Unfortunately, the arches on both sandals are too high. I hate to do this but I need to return them.

Both sandals have arches that are too high but the left one prevents me from walking on it.
I'm afraid I will need to return them.

Personalized Insoles — Upload Your Photos
Eva Ramirez (Arizona City, US)
These were terrible. Disappointed Costco would sell them

The fit was awful. I wanted another pair of orthotics and the price was great. I have real orthotics and these don’t compare in the slightest. They actually cause me to have pain.

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Waves
Mark Griffin (Las Vegas, US)
Sheepskin insoled

The first pair of regular insoles were very comfortable. Decided I wanted a second pair and ordered the sheepskin version. Both of the insoles are comfortable and I'm happy with the choices.

Women's Custom Arch Support Sandals
Annelise Muller (Austin, US)

I have bought several pairs of these sandals over the years and will never buy anywhere else.

If it ain’t broke…

The digital measurements aren’t the most accurate thing in the world- measured twice in store, got different readings by a significant margin. Received a pair that came out short and uncomfortable. I’m sure they would be fine if they fit- but still not worth the ‘tech’ premium for sure, there are cheaper alternatives out there

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Gray

Not enough support

I have been wearing support shoes/sandals for over 20 years. There isn't enough support in your sandals.

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Wool
Gregory Moses (Phoenix, US)

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Wool

Women's Custom Arch Support Sandals
Customer (Phoenix, US)

Haven’t received them yet

Hurt my feet

It hurt my feet