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Custom Arch Support Insoles — Frost
Jeff G (Myrtle Beach, US)
Customized Comfort

Second set of these custom insoles. I like the better than the typical which are too thick at the heel to work in most sneakers or similar. The only downside is no metatarsal support

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Space Walker
Jill Borton (Los Angeles, US)

Love, Love, Love these. I can wear my shoes all day.


These were taunted as having the most support and highest arch available on the market. I was quite disappointed when I received them as they are flimsier and have less arch support than the brand I normally wear. My knees started hurting as they do when I don’t wear insoles hi by mid day. Not worth it.

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Dark Hexagon
Evan Boudreaux (Renton, US)
Great Arch Supports

I have insoles from a podiatrist and these offer very comparable support! I was a little unsure that the scan would produce something on the same level as a professional insole, but my feet do not hurt when I wear these and seem to have the same support. It’s neat that the insoles have your name on them so you know they’re made just for you!

These have replaced my rainbows!

You need to understand… I’m a suit and tie guy but when I’m not… I’m in flip flops rain shine or snow. This is my 2nd sandal purchase. I bought my first pair 2 years ago and loved it so much they’ve replaced my rainbows as my everyday flip flop. The custom arch and the modifiable fit strap is what I love so much about them. If it matters to anyone… I purchased the black sole with brown leather strap.

Custom Arch Support Insoles - Sea Flora
Don Emmons (San Francisco, US)
Fit My Foot inserts

This was my 5th order from Fit My Foot since 2000. This one went smoothly and I will order again in the future.

Work Great

I ordered two of these for different pairs of shoes, and they work great. Very similar in fit to custom orthotics made with my podiatrist. They are comfortable and relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Good foot wear is essential

I’m 71 years old and am trying to increase the number of steps I take every single day. Last month I averaged around 11,000 steps per day. I want to live a long healthy life and enjoy my family. Walking strengthens my muscles, my bones, my heart, and even improves my disposition. If my feet hurt or I have an injury I will be much less likely to be able to walk. I think that these orthotic supports with be valuable aids in my journey to healthy living.

Custom Arch Support Insoles - Sky Blue
Customer (Mercer Island, US)
Comfortable insole

They do fit nicely and feel more comfortable than others I have used. I hope the insoles will last as I play tennis everyday.

Men's Custom Arch Support Sandals
Richard Connole (Anaheim, US)

They were overall too big

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Zircon
Cordell Fisher (Newport Beach, US)

over priced

Custom Arch Support Insoles - Sea Flora
Jeff Bunch (Kingston Springs, US)
Great for running

I have used the insoles for 2 rounds as a professional caddie and have enjoyed them so far. Great support and cushion which is usually a hard combination to find. Very pleased.

Women's Custom Arch Support Sandals
Shabnam Ali (Irvine, US)
The straps

The arch is great in the slippers. But they felt loose on one foot.
Then the strap came undone and I was able to put it in the furthest slot and it sat well.
Now the straps come out of the sides ever so often.

Men's Custom Arch Support Sandals
Chen Xu (Pullman, US)

Men's Custom Arch Support Sandals

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Wool
John Dahl (Post Falls, US)
My Experience

Nicely made. Comfortable and really like the personalized touch with my engraved on the underside of each insert. Thanks

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Space Walker
Debbie Bodal (Brookfield, US)
Cushion arch support

I think the orthotics could be a bit thicker with more arch support. It is my heals and aches is where I have pain. Your cushioned heal helps.

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Waves
Gloria Zimmerman (New York, US)

Fit my feet perfectly!

No arch support

The insoles had no real arch support. When I swapped my old insoles for the FitMyFoot ones, I immediately saw and felt a drastic inwards buckling of my knees, which is what I needed the insoles for. I promptly returned them to Costco.

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Gray
Ing Chea (Mountlake Terrace, US)

I love it.

Men's Custom Arch Support Sandals
Steve Davis (Costa Mesa, US)
Best Flip Flops EVER!

5 pairs and counting! I wear these every day and they are the best things I put on my feet.

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Zircon
Stephanie Dubick (Bothell, US)
I returned them

They didn’t fit and dug into the side of my foot. When I returned them to Costco, the cashier had just taken another pair back. I don’t recommend. Their fitting is off.

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Dark Hexagon
Viacheslav Smirnov (Los Angeles, US)

Custom Arch Support Insoles - Dark Hexagon

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Frost
Linh Le (Woodinville, US)
So comfortable

They work! I highly recommend this.
Need I say more?

Custom Arch Support Insoles - Sea Flora
Ana Rodriguez (Fort Worth, US)

I don’t feel the arch is the correct one for me

Custom Arch Support Insoles — Gray
Edwin Paulsen (Santa Ana, US)
Good Buy

I was not enthusiastic when my wife purchased these for me. I have found them to be an asset when using in my every day shoes. However, I have found that they do not universally fit all of my “hard” shoes well. Still like and use them.