Learn about your FitMyFoot Sandal Straps


    Suitable for all types of feet, our insoles have custom arch support to relieve pain and foot fatigue.


    Featuring custom arch support, adjustable straps, and a custom-placed toe thong.

Did you know your FitMyFoot Sandal Straps are adjustable? It's one of the custom features of the FitMyFoot sandals that allows them to fit perfectly while preventing some common biomechanics problems caused by the average pair of flip-flops. "Toe scrunch" - the act of scrunching your toes to keep your flip-flop from falling off your feet while walking - makes your feet less able to absorb shock as you walk, causes your internal foot muscles to work harder, and decreases your foot stability. Adjusting your straps so that your feet fit snugly in the sandal and toe scrunch is eliminated means you can walk freely, knowing you're not compromising comfort for the convenience of a flip-flop sandal. If you're wondering how to adjust your straps, see the "How do I adjust my straps?" instructions below.

FitMyFoot sandal straps are not only adjustable, they're exchangeable. There are multiple colors and materials available so that your sandals can be adapted to your choice of outfit or activity. 

Men's sandal straps are available in brown leather (+$20), or black, green, navy, or red lycra.

Women's sandal straps are available in brown leather (+$20), or black, navy, or purple lycra.

For instructions on how to switch out your pairs of straps, see the "How do I switch out my sandal straps?" instructions at the end of the article.

How do I adjust my straps? 

You can easily adjust your straps on each side to fit better, using one of two ways: 

First way to remove straps: 

Place both thumbs behind the strap and push down and out. They should easily pop out. Repeat for both straps. 


Second way to remove straps: 

Place thumb behind the strap and fingers in the front. Peel strap down and out, but not forward. 


After removing the strap, adjust accordingly: 

• To loosen, move the teeth forward  (toward the toe) 
• To tighten, move the teeth backward  (toward the heel) 


        Then align with clips and push in. You should hear a “Click!” to ensure they are securely fastened.  



          How do I switch out my sandal straps? 

          Remove the side straps and toe thong:

          To remove the side straps, place both thumbs behind the strap and push down and out. They should easily pop out. Repeat for both straps. (See instructions above for an additional method of removing the side straps)


          Once removed, the toe thong key is located underneath the inside strap. Push the key to the front and it will pop out. 



          Insert new straps:

          Grab the new strap and insert the key in the two notches at the end of the toe thong. 



          Insert the toe thong (with the key still in place) into the toe thong hole, with the key horizontally in the 9 and 3 o’clock position. Twist clockwise 90 degrees to lock in-place. 


          Insert the key back in the hardware on the inside of the foot. 



          Pop the straps back in your desired location. 



          Watch a video on how to switch out your straps here:

           Need any further assistance? Email us at care@fitmyfoot.com. 

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