FitMyFoot Creates a Custom Space Boot for Little Inventors

We were approached by Little Inventors to see if we would be interested in turning one of their invention submissions into reality. Always eager to support STEAM initiatives, we jumped at the opportunity.

Connor Brown’s Custom Space Boot Imprints were a great idea, where the custom sole of the boot, means you leave your own design of imprints when you walk on a new planet. No more disputing who landed first or if it was real!

Custom Space Boot Imprints - Old & New

We decided to use 3D printing to create the custom space boot. Allowing us to make the boot completely unique, and using a process we know very well from creating our custom fit insoles and sandals.

Custom Space Boot Sketches

Connor captured his foot data using FitMyFoot Smartphone App, and we used that data to create a 3D model of Connor’s foot. We modelled the space boot to the fit perfectly around Connor’s foot.

3D Model Of Connor’s Foot and Space Boot

Once we had the boot designed, Connor created a very patriotic custom design for the sole of the boot, which we then added in before 3D printing the boot.

Custom Space Boot Back Design Sketch

Back View of 3D Model Of Connor’s Foot and Space Boot

We could then 3D print the sole of the boot, as well as the suit attachment rings, and Connor’s FitMyFoot Custom Fit Insoles. These were assembled together with an insulated foil space boot material.

The finishing touch was adding Connor's own custom space insoles to the

Custom Space Boot Parts

Here you can see the finished and assembled boot.

Custom Space Boot and its Sketches

Custom Space Insole Inserts for Boots

Connor asked us if we could put a quote by Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian Astronaut to Space Walk, on the back of the boot. As you can see – 3D printing allowed us to easily integrate the quote – what a nice touch!

Custom Space Boot Back View and its Sketch

This was a fun and exciting adventure into fully custom footing footwear for FitMyFoot, while also being able to promote STEAM among the next generation of designers, scientists and engineers.

The boots are now being displayed in the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, along with a series of other inventions!

Quote from Connor (permission has been approved to use his name and quotes):

“Hi Chris it’s Connor,

I’d just like to say thank you for putting all your time and effort towards the space boots, they look amazing! Thank you for sending the pictures and videos it was really cool to see the step by step process of making the boots. Finally I’d like to thank you for the insoles that you sent, there so comfortable! We are planning to go see the boots in Ottawa soon!!

I also love the quote on back of the boot.... looks so cool.



Custom Space Boot and Insoles

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