Have You Ever Looked Down At The Stars?


    Suitable for all types of feet, our insoles have custom arch support to relieve pain and foot fatigue.


    Featuring custom arch support, adjustable straps, and a custom-placed toe thong.

It was Stephen Hawking who said, “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.” We love this advice, but we wouldn’t blame you if you glanced down every so often while wearing these bad boys!

Shooting for the stars is easier than ever: you can now choose the brand new Stars insole design whenever you purchase custom Wiivv Insoles.

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Wiivv Stars Insoles

When the first stars appear in a twilight sky – is that not magic? Our goal with the nature series was to capture the magical moments of the natural world. The Stars insole design features a calming sunset gradient with bright stars sparkling over the top. It’s our way of bringing the twinkling sky to your every step.


Wiivv Stars Heel Support Insoles

Since the dawn of humanity, stars have been used as reference points to tell us when we’re on the right course. With our new Stars insole design at your feet, you’ll feel the support of guiding lights as you walk a path that is uniquely yours!

New Wiivv Stars Insoles for Foot Pain

Your feet weren’t designed to walk on rigid concrete, they were designed to walk on natural surfaces –  like the earth – that mold to your feet as you walk. At Wiivv, our goal is to support your body’s natural movements with the perfect blend of support and flexibility. As with all of our footwear, you can trust that our Stars insoles will be perfectly customized to your unique body, allowing to move, feel and live your best.

Customize your own Stars insoles today!

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