A New Lease On Life Starts At Your Feet – A FitMyFoot Success Story

A New Lease On Life Starts At Your Feet – A FitMyFoot Success Story

When Cindy* walked into Evolution Sport Therapy for the first time, she was terrified that her constant pain in her heel was being caused by a bone spur – which could require expensive surgery and a long recovery. The sensation was holding her back – not just from pushing herself physically, but living her life to the fullest. This is the story of how FitMyFoot custom fit, 3D printed orthotics helped give Cindy a new lease on life.


Bone spurs are an outgrowth of bone that can occur along the edges of a bone, are most commonly found in joints, and can be quite painful. Lucky for Cindy, they were ruled out. But Cindy had never worn orthotics and her feet had gone unsupported for years, causing systematic problems that would require hard work to get her back to better feet.

Jonathan Sun tied her excruciating heel pain to the misalignment of her pelvis. The first step was working to get her realigned, then working on her foot and ankle joints to make sure her mobility was optimized.

Years of misalignment had led to constant micro-tearing at the bottom of her heel, causing pain. As a first step, Jonathan used shock wave therapy to free up the scar tissue. He was able to undo years of damage, but to live her best life without going back to that constant pain, Cindy needed to treat the underlying problem. So Jonathan recommended FitMyFoot 3D printed, custom insoles.

Not only is FitMyFoot affordable, customizable, and a fraction of the price, but the ease of scanning Cindy's foot directly from her phone via the FitMyFoot app made them an accessible choice.

The orthotic itself helped to take the stress away from her recovering heel and collapsing arch by minimizing impact. The hole-in-heel design reduced the weight and neutralized Cindy's foot strike, while the custom arch supports the unique contours of her foot. All of this combined helped to push her recovery forward, and support her biomechanics.

After 3 treatments and the use of her FitMyFoot Orthotics, she has reported an 85% improvement and feels like the pain she was feeling is getting better every day.

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Are you ready to step out of pain, and into your own pair of custom FitMyFoot orthotics? Get yours today and start living pain free!

* name has been changed to protect patient privacy.

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