What Happens When You Work On Your Feet All Day

What Happens When You Work On Your Feet All Day

Do you or your employees work on your feet all day? Do you or your employees have knee pain from standing all day?You may be doing more damage to yourself than you realize.

Every year in the USA, thousands of work-related foot, knee pain, hip aches, and back injuries are reported. Most of these injuries come from workplaces that have their employees standing all day, and most of them are completely avoidable. This has lead to an ever increasing number of sick days from either injury or fatigue from something as simple as feet standing for countless hours.

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Problems That Standing On Your Feet All Day Cause

The most common problems you may experience from standing on your feet all day include discomfort, fatigue, and swelling of the feet, ankles, knees, and legs. However, if you're doing physical labor on your feet all day, you increase your risk of pain and discomfort in your shins, calves, knees, thighs, hips, back, shoulders, and neck. Other complications can include:

• Foot pain
• Plantar fasciitis
• Low back pain
• Muscle fatigue
• Knee or hip arthritis
• Bunions
• Pregnancy complications
• Neck and shoulder stiffness
• Poor posture caused by fatigued muscles
• Knee pain from standing all day
• Swollen feet and ankles
• Achilles tendonitis

I'm sure that at some point in everyone's lives, they have experienced some sort of back pain. Studies even suggest that back pain associated with work is twice as common in those who stand all day compared to those who work at a desk (although, I'd argue that number is changing). This is even after controlling for age and lifting weights.

For those employees who are a bit older, and still working in manual labor, the number increases. They experience a much higher rate of developing knee pain, joint pain, and may become less able to cope with being on their feet all day. The effects of standing on your feet all day can show up almost right away and prolonged standing or walking can often accelerate health problems and soft tissue injuries.

There is a Solution to Standing on Your Feet All Day!

There are simple steps you can take to reduce your own pain or the pain your employees are feeling from work – especially if the most common injury revolves around tired feet and stiff legs. These steps include:

  • Alternate standing with sitting
  • If you're pregnant, take 15 minutes and rest with your feet above your head
  • Try walking around, sitting in different positions, and moving regularly to move your weight
  • Wear comfortable and supportive shoes
  • Custom made insoles that support your unique foot shape (See: 10 Types of Pain FitMyFoot Can Help)
  • compression hose and socks
  • Get a standing mat to provide cushioning for your feet OR insoles designed to cushion your feet
  • Hamstring or calf stretches to keep you from stiffening up

If sitting or stretching is not an option for you during your work day, then custom insoles is the best solution. The cushioning top layer provides added comfort, custom lateral and medial arch redistribute the pressure from being on your feet, while the deep heel cup and shock absorbing heel pad helps to absorb the the impact of your body weight on your feet.

Each pair of FitMyFoot Custom Fit 3D Printed Insoles is designed to reduce plantar fasciitis pain, joint discomfort, and reduce general foot fatigue. Each pair has been designed to provide enhanced bio-mechanical support and superior comfort throughout your day and with every step you take. You will receive your pair within 7 days of ordering – and with our 30-day guarantee, there's no risk!

Interested in outfitting your entire team? Contact us at care@FitMyFoot.com

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