Why You Need Custom Insoles... Now

Why You Need Custom Insoles... Now

I am really cruel to my feet.

I wear flat flip flops, unsupportive runners, big boots and way-too-tall heels. I buy for ease and style. I will even buy a shoe that I know I can’t actually walk in.

Over the years, I have also developed some weird joint issues. I have a knee that knocks (did it always do that?) and a hip that clicks – and ankles that hardly bend at all after years of sprains and strains.

With all this – I have still never thought of an insole or an orthotic. I candidly had no idea why someone would look for support of comfort. Can’t I just shove a gel insert in my shoe and slap a bandaid on for my blisters?

Uhhhh – no. Sticking a pillow in your shoe adds bulk, and the increased cushion might aid impact – but adds no support.

Well – Let me tell you about how my custom (3D printed!) insoles changed my life (#myFitMyFoots). I am tall and I have 2 very tiny feet that are a size different (6.5 and 7.5) with very (ridiculously) high arches. This means that my arch length differs and really can’t be touched by anything off the shelf. This means my poor arches have been collapsing for years and the muscles get oh-so-tired unnecessarily.

I am also part of 20% of the population that supinates (which means that your ankle rolls out). This has turned into ankle breaks over the years – and embarrassing feats such as rolling my ankle while sitting in a library (true story).

I can tell you that my FitMyFoots have converted me into actually looking at the sensibility of my footwear. And as I will never stop wearing my Converse (love them), I will have to make them better – which is where my FitMyFoots come in.

I slip one of these puppies in and everything changes. The first day or so take a little getting used to as my feet never get so much TLC. What going custom does is supports the natural arch that can help my foot from collapsing and getting fatigued (so that’s why I wanted to sit down so often before!). The heel cup gives me stability and also gives me what I have been told is “biomechanical neutrality” that helps to lessen pressure on the forefoot as I walk. In general, I last longer and smile more – and it all starts from my feet.

So – I work at FitMyFoot – and was one of the lucky ones to get to feel these gems early. I am the converted! And a believer. Now I just need to get FitMyFoot to make me some Flip Flops for summer and I would be golden!

- Riley.

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