FitMyFoot Donates 40 Pairs to the North Shore Search & Rescue

FitMyFoot Donates 40 Pairs to the North Shore Search & Rescue

When we first set out on this journey, we had this idea of adding active years to people's lives. We wanted to help our friends and family to keep going pain-free. When we launched on Kickstarter, we decided to launch a karma program – if someone bought 2 pairs, they could give 1 pair away. We had 40 pairs that were offered back to us to give to a non-profit, or charity of our choice. We chose to give back to one of the most important organizations here in Vancouver – the North Shore Search and Rescue team.

Custom 3D Printed Insoles

*North Shore Search and Rescue team member pictured with a pair of FitMyFoot Custom 3D Printed Insoles


Vancouver is surrounded by mountains, and every day unprepared hikers go out into the woods without proper shoes. The North Shore Search and Rescue team risks their lives every day to hike into the most dangerous and mountainous conditions – day or night, wind, rain, snow, fog – it doesn't matter. They always answer the call.

In 2015 alone, the CBC reported that the North Shore Search and Rescue team had their busiest year to date. Normally the team will answer 90 to 100 calls per year – but in 2015, that skyrocketed to 136 calls for help. That is a call every 2.5 days. Every time they go up searching, they can be on their feet (or repelling down cliffs/out of helicopters) for anywhere from 1-12 hours at a time. That amounts to tremendous stress on their feet, knees, hips, and back.

We are honored to be trusted by such an important organization. We trust these brave men and women with our lives, and they trust us with our insoles. (See: Who Should Wear FitMyFoot Custom Insoles)

FitMyFoot Team Members Using FitMyFoot App To Digitize Feet


We wanted to do our part to make their jobs just a little bit easier (Pictured above, FitMyFoot team members use the FitMyFoot app to digitize feet). Our 3/4 length insole fits into running shoes, hiking boots, and dress shoes – so the members of the team can literally go from working in an office to saving people's lives in a matter of minutes. (See: 10 Types of Pain FitMyFoot Can Help)

Because the team members are all volunteers, they all go back to their day jobs as fire fighters, police officers, lawyers, accountants, or even film industry hands. The organization relies 100% on the support of donations. If you would like to donate to the North Shore Search and Rescue, you can do so here.

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