Feel Your Best, Live Your Best | MindBodyGreen Revitalize

This past weekend, FitMyFoot went to Arizona to attend Mind Body Green’s Revitalize for the first time ever and to share FitMyFoot Sandals with the amazing health, wellness, and environmental experts attending from around the world.

Tamara Muth-king Via Mindbodygreen
Photo: Tamara Muth-King via MindBodyGreen

This past week we launched FitMyFoot Sandals and having the chance to share them with these amazing people was icing on the cake of an exciting launch. If you haven’t seen our new FitMyFoot Sandals yet, check 'em out here.

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To wrap up an amazing weekend, we've summed up some highlights from the event that we can’t stop thinking about!

1. The Orbital Perspective: Getting a view of the world, from a man who’s travelled thousands of miles in space

      In a talk that kicked off the weekend, we were in awe to hear from Ron Garan, astronaut, and man who’s travelled around the earth a view times, and also spent a few weeks on the bottom of the ocean.

      What did he talk about? Perspective. He shared the ideal of trying to seek out the orbital perspective, which is the notion that you can look at something up close, but then zoom back to see it all from the bigger picture. How do tiny moments add up to your greater life, or impact on the planet. Having a bad day? How do your action affect the people around you, and the way they behave and go on through the day, and their impact on other’s around them.

      A perfect example: He told us if there was an asteroid approaching earth, and we knew enough in advance, if we could catch up with it and give it a tiny tiny nudge, that would cause it to completely miss the earth by millions of miles. “That’s just like us,” he said, “Every day you make these tiny little nudges that have impact and ripple affect on the people and world around you. And what you want to make sure if you’re making more positive nudges than negative ones.”

      These tiny nudges hit home for us - we’re all about tiny impacts, from changes in how you move, to your effect on the planet.

      2. So much moving and living.

      At FitMyFoot, we obsess over the way people move, and it was pretty cool being surrounded by people with the same obsessions. We hung out with amazing individuals like Ben Greenfield, who has built a business on hacking and improving the body and its performance and lead us through 6am hike through the Arizona desert. We also went toLauren Roxburgh's post-travel stretching class. Lauren is an alignment expert and lover of functional movement. We loved her approach to optimal alignment of the body - something we believe in very much!

      And, we spent time in the pool with Kait Hurley, movement and meditation teacher, who combines movement with meditation to get better in touch with your body.

      3. Kicking up the desert dust in our FitMyFoot Sandals.

        FitMyFoot HQ is based in Vancouver, BC, so we’ve spent a lot of time playing in our FitMyFoot Sandals in the mountains, the beaches, the forests and the city. This week we got to play in a TOTALLY new environment for both of us. The Arizona desert. We took our FitMyFoots on a beautiful hike in Dove Mountain, near Tucson Arizona. We climbed rocks, boulders, and got into some close run ins with cacti and iguanas.

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        All in all, we had an inspiring andrevitalizing time. We feel so lucky to have been able to attend, and were thrilled to be surrounded by so many people who embody and pursue similar values to us - helping the world feel, move, and live their best, while protecting the planet at the same time!

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