3 Exercises That Burn Fat Better Than Running

3 Exercises That Burn Fat Better Than Running

Running to burn fat is incredibly effective, as long as you boost your activity level beyond what it was before. However, to add more variety to your frequent routine, try battle ropes, cycling, and burpees to keep things interesting. Aside from aerobic exercise, it’s also important to keep a diet rich in the protein and nutrients that your body needs to support your new exercise routine. Learn more about how to eat for exercise and recovery.


Ready to burn fat, improve your strength, and balance? Then battle ropes are for you. They are designed to make you work harder, and make you put in more strength and power when doing the exercise.

Depending on the variation, battle ropes help you build biceps, shoulders and legs. To activate these muscles, try various motions, like linear or circular. Each movement works a specific group of muscles. For instance, you can try doing squats while moving the ropes in a wave motion (double or alternating). Feel that burn!

To use the battle ropes properly, take the ropes by the ends, stand with your feet wide apart, lift your hands above the head, and slam the ropes on the floor with all your strength. Stand up, and repeat the move several times. However, if you want to work on your obliques you can do the side slam. The movement is to with the previous exercise, just bend your knees a little bit and slam on the side of your body. Do these for as long as you can (but try to aim for a minimum of 0:30).

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Cycling is beneficial to your health for numerous reasons – among other things, it can burn fat at an accelerated pace, improve flexibility, increases muscle strength, tones your butt, waist, and legs. Cycling also gets your heart pumping, making it stronger and rejuvenating your brain. You truly put your entire body to the test when you start cycling.

You don't need to ride 100km a week to reap the benefits. Try cycling to work, instead of taking the bus or driving a car. It is healthier and saves you money. Not able to get out on the road? Substitute 20 minutes on the treadmill for 20 minutes on the stationary bike and blast that ass!

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How badly were you hoping to NOT see these on the list? If you've ever had to do this combination of exercises, you know how terrible they truly are. However, this combo of push ups, squats, and jumps, is amazing for you. It demands strength and endurance and helps build your stamina and balance while working your entire body.

Here's the best part, there is no reason not to do them. They do not require any special equipment or a lot of room to perform the exercise. Have a patio, back yard, local park, or living room? You're good to go!

To do them, get into a squat position, all the way down, with your hands next to you. Push your legs backwards and get into a push up position. Do a quick push up, then get back on your feet. From here, jump up high, and land in a squat. Repeat at least 10 times.

Ready to blast your midsection? Combine all three exercises and watch the pounds fall off. To maximize weight loss, you want to get your heart rate up to the fat burning zone. Good luck!

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