What To Look For When Buying Shoes For Your Hospitality Job

What To Look For When Buying Shoes For Your Hospitality Job


Whether it's as a server, bartender, hostess, or any number of other hospitality jobs, we all know someone who works on their feet – and that requires special shoes to get them comfortably through the day.

A typical day in hospitality includes long hours of standing and walking – something office workers might not understand (See: How Many Steps We Take At Our Jobs) . However, if there is one thing that we at Wiivv DO understand, it's foot pain. So we set out to find the top selling footwear for hospitality workers on ebay that would work with a pair of Wiivv Custom 3D Printed Insoles.

When looking at this list, keep in mind that your 6" heels may not be doing you or your posture any favors – but combined with a pair of Wiivv Custom 3D-Printed Insoles, you truly can get through your shift without hating your feet. (See: 10 Types of Foot Pain Wiivv Can Help)


When looking for shoes, there are a few key features you will want to have.

  1. Non-slip tread: these are essential as walking through wet or messy areas can potentially cause you to slip, and getting sent home early before the dinner rush because of a twisted ankle will not help your tip situation.
  2. Made of leather or other easy-to clean materials: This allows the wearer to keep his/her shoes clean and presentable when serving and dealing with customers.
  3. Padding and Custom Insoles: Make sure that your shoe provides extra padding. This extra padding will help to cushion the soles of your feet through those long Friday nights. Combine with a pair of Wiivv custom insoles to give your arch the support it needs to keep your foot from collapsing under the stress of a long shift.



Alegria Dayna Professional Clogs: The Dayna shoe from Alegria offers amazing support and comfort and stain-resistant leather. The interior of the shoe wicks moisture away from the foot to keep it cool and comfortable over extended wearing periods. It also features a comfortable foot bed made from cork, making it a perfect foot bed for a pair of custom insoles. 

Alegria Dayna Professional Clogs
Dansko Professional Clogs: Dansko produces a professional line of clogs that are ideal for the hospitality industry. The leather upper part of this shoe is available in a wide range of colors and finishes and the design has won the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. The toe box is made with extra room in the toe box which is ideal for any sort of custom inserts – whether they be 3/4 or full length.
Dansko Professional Clogs
Sketchers for Work Encompass Slip-On: These best-selling slip-on shoes from the Sketchers for Work collection have a simple, timeless look. They are made with leather uppers and are available in multiple colors – so you don't need to get this cream colored leather. The upper is slightly padded for comfort, along with featuring goring panels on each side for an easy fit. Adding in a custom insole makes these incredibly comfortable for those long days at work.
Sketchers for Work Encompass Slip-On

Timberland Pro Leela Pumps: These Mary Jane-style pumps from Timberland Pro are stylish as well as comfortable. The leather uppers have a rounded toe and a button-secured foot strap. It is completely covered with 3M Scotchguard protection from stains. They do have a 2-inch heel, which may prevent you from fitting in your custom insoles. Although it will help you to look professional without straining your feet.

Timberland Pro Leela Pumps

Sketchers for Work Soft Stride - Softie Lace-U: These Soft Stride shoes from Sketchers are the most popular sneaker-style work shoes available and work great with Wiivv. The upper is crafted from leather and features a full lace-up panel and padded tongue. The sides of the shoe are perforated to provide breathability and keep feet cool. The sole is thick and slip-resistant, and combined with a pair of Wiivv Custom 3D-Printed Insoles, these could quite possibly be the most comfortable shoes around.

Sketchers for Work Soft Stride - Softie Lace-U

Dansko Ingrid Clogs: Another offering from Dansko are the Ingrid clogs. Reviews have praised their comfort, quality, and style when recommending them to friends and coworkers. They are manufactured in several basic colors from soft leather with a round, 2-inch toe. The rocker bottom also makes them easy for walking, while adding a pair of Wiivv custom insoles make them ideal for somoneone who is on their feet all day.

Dansko Ingrid Clogs

Grasshoppers Janey Leather Oxfords: The Grasshopper Janey Oxfords seem to be one of the few shoes on this list that people are wearing outside of work. Their casual style is still dressy enough for most occupations, while they are still suitable for everyday comfort. The soft leather uppers lace up over a slightly padded tongue and collar. With a custom insole, these shoes could turn into your every day, all day, never take them off, go to shoe.

Grasshoppers Janey Leather Oxfords

Timberland Pro Anassa Mary Janes: Timberland Pro series is back at it again with the stylish Anassa. These shoes are great for the workplace. The leather uppers are protected with 3M Scotchguard stain resistance. An anti-fatigue adjustable midsole and insole offers great support to pressure points on the foot which, combined with a pair of Wiivv Custom Insoles, can keep the wearer feeling energized all day. The out sole is made of rubber and offers traction on wet and dry surfaces for a slip-resistant experience. Timberland truly has earned the pro in their name.

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