The most pronounced difference between dress shoes and everyday footwear is simply that most dress shoes are created with (sometimes) rigid leathers. They’re almost always classic in style and fit and you’d be walking on a leather sole which is most often, not very comfortable.

When it comes to classic dress shoes, fit is vital for comfort. Fit comes from firstly making sure that the size you buy is the right one.

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Learn how easy it is to change the straps on your FitMyFoot sandals.  This way, one pair of sandals can be used to match everything in your wardrobe.
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It’s difficult to find that perfect fit—especially if you don’t know the first thing about your foot type. That’s where FitMyFoot can help. We’re here to present you with the facts, and provide useful strategies that can aid you in discovering your foot type—and in turn, point you in the right direction of the ideal shoe that fulfills your specific needs.
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Eating “right” can mean many different things for many different people. You may even find that your eating habits will change over time depending on varying factors such as the amount of exercise you are doing, what foods you chose to eat (such as if you eat meat at one point in your life and switch to vegetarianism), and even what the weather is like from a day to day basis!
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Have you ever heard that taking cold showers is good for you? Are you looking to challenge yourself to think more clearly, exercise more regularly, and recover more quickly? In this article, we will share eight benefits of cold showers that will make you want to put yourself up for the challenge!
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If your feet are not completely flat, you have arches. And if you have arches, chances are you have experienced pain that can be described as sharp or dull, and varies among people as a constant, periodic, stress induced, or activity induced. This pain can change over time and even feel different from your left foot to your right. 
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For many of us, stretching is an afterthought. Exercise tends to take priority, and stretching ends up neglected. But stretching shouldn’t be trivialized. It keeps your muscles strong, healthy, and flexible—and believe it or not—we all need that flexibility. Stretching shouldn’t be a hassle, and knowing some tips and tricks could help you enjoy your stretch sessions that much more.
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Caffeine can make you more alert, put you in a better mood, and make you feel less tired—and it’s been known to improve your physical work ethic and mental capacity. Sounds pretty great, right? But what about before a workout? Could caffeine be a beneficial inclusion to your exercise routine? Surprisingly—yes!

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Nobody wants to get injured on the job—and a foot injury can be one of the most bothersome afflictions to deal with. It can slow you down tremendously, impede your productivity, and cause copious amounts of pain and frustration. But what if it could’ve all been avoided?
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It's that time of the year again where the cold of winter has dried out your skin causing flaking, itchiness, embarrassment, and discomfort. All at the same time we are supposed to be prepping for Valentine’s Day and planning out our spring break vacations. Be sure to follow these tips in order to get the perfect base before you pamper.
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Researchers have found that 20% of men and 24% of women experience foot pain. The findings indicate that women are more likely to experience foot pain, cramps, and ankle pain than men. Why is there such a dramatic difference between sexes? Well, there are many factors specific to gender that contribute, some of which significantly increase the likelihood of developing foot problems.

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Do you have a thick layer of skin on your feet? You might have round, hard growths on your feet that you can’t explain? If either of these sound familiar, you might have a corn or callus.
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