Changing out Your Sandal Straps


Hi, my name is Jim with FitMyFoot, and I'm gonna show you how to change out your straps on your FitMyFoot sandals simply take the base of the strap. Use your two thumbs and push out. Same on the left side is a metal key. You can see right there. And if you run your finger nail along the side, there, it pops the metal key out. And then you take the two notches on your metal key, put it into the Toal like that turn counterclockwise and your strap is released. Now we're gonna take our other strap, place it inside the Toth on notch. And there's two little notches on this plastic piece here, and you wanna make sure those go horizontally three to nine on a, like on a clock and the lock, and then take your key. Put your key into the notches. Turn clockwise and your thong is now locked. Then take your metal key, slip it back into the space to use for next time like that. And then you can decide whether you want your straps to go forward or back on your foot to make 'em looser or tighter. We're just gonna put these back in the middle. There's one, there's the other. And now you have a different strap for your FitMyFoot sandals.

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