Painting with Your Feet: A New Trend You Have to Try!


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Are you looking for a fun craft to try? Think outside of the box and try painting with your feet! It’s not just for kids (though kids of all ages will enjoy it). Whether or not you consider yourself an artistic person, you can enjoy the novelty of painting with your feet. It’s sure to inspire lots of laughter and fun for summer! 

10 Things You Need to Know About Painting with Your Feet 

1. It’ll give you a brain boost!

parts of the brain and its functions
Did you know that painting with your feet is actually good for your brain? Because painting with your feet requires you to do a 
different type of thinking than using your hands, it activates different parts of your brain and can be a healthy brain boost. Novel tasks like this can help boost creativity and even intelligence 

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2. It’s foot care in a whole new way 

While it may seem surprising, painting with your feet can actually be a way of foot care. It’s exercise for your feet and toes. It feels like a nice, cool foot massage. And as you scrub the paint off your feet afterwards, you’ll be exfoliating and cleaning your feet. Add some luxurious moisturizer afterwards and you’ve just given yourself an unconventional pedicure!    

3. Best of all, it’s fun for everyone involved

Painting with your feet has multiple benefits for both your brain and your body, but it’s also just fun. It’s a great reminder to let go of expectations and just create. We often don’t let ourselves just create for fun, with room for errors and mistakes. Painting with your feet is a great way to do this! 

4. There are lots of creative ways to paint with your feet

“Painting with your feet” is a pretty broad term that refers to a lot of different things. Some people get caught up in the “right” way to do arts or crafts, but the truth is, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Just come up with an idea on your own or keep reading for some ideas of foot paintings to try. Choose your favorite colors of paint and just go for it! 

painting using feet

5. You can create a footprint painting (it’s not just for babies!)

Foot imprint painting is done by painting the bottoms of your feet and then pressing your foot against whatever medium you’re using, such as a canvas, paper, or a block of wood. Foot imprints are especially fun if you use the imprint to make a bigger picture. For example, placing your feet side-by-side and then adding some detail can make a butterfly. Turning your foot imprint upside down and adding a face can make a penguin. This is an activity for all ages and can be great family fun for summer!

6. You can create beautiful abstract art

Abstract painting doesn’t require you to do anything specific. Just get a few colors of paint and start creating! Because it has so much creative freedom, abstract art is great for people of any age! To use this foot painting method, paint any part of your foot – your heel, your toles, or maybe even the top of your foot – and then express your creativity. Some using this method prefer to walk across paper and create abstract art that way, while others press their feet onto canvases in a random or planned method. Whatever you choose to do, it’s up to you! Let your creativity flow with abstract art.  

foot paint art

7. Or, you can try to paint a scene with a paintbrush between your toes! 

This third method is a little bit trickier, but is another fun, creative craft to try. In this type of painting with your feet, use your feet just like you’d normally use your hands to paint a picture. In other words, put the paint brush in between your toes and go at it! Use your feet to support the paint brush and paint as per usual. Paint a beautiful mountain landscape or another nature-inspired scene, like a flower or a sunset. You can even challenge yourself with painting a self-portrait or a portrait of your pet!  

8. Minimize the mess with safe, nontoxic paints

ALWAYS use safe paints, like craft paint, activity paint, watercolors, or finger paints made for children. Acrylic paints labeled “nontoxic” are also fine. Definitely don’t use oil paints for this activity! And no matter what type of paint you’re using, you’ll want to protect the floor and nearby objects by covering them with a tarp, tablecloth, or several layers of newspaper. Even with careful preparation, you’ll still have to do some cleaning up afterwards, but it’s all part of the fun! 

9. Be ready for some extra foot care afterwards

Taking care of your feet is important! Painting with your feet will require a little extra care to make sure that your feet stay healthy. Paint that remains on your feet can lead to dry, cracked skin. Be sure to scrub your feet with a soap or body wash that will remove the paint without irritating your skin. When you’re finished removing the paint, use some lotion or foot cream to counteract any of the drying ingredients that might have been present in the paint.   

applying lotion for feet painting

10. Lastly, your final painting may not be perfect, but that’s OK! 

If you’re someone who struggles with imperfections, painting with your feet may be the exact right choice for you...but also a little difficult. Painting with your feet will not be perfect. You won’t have the same level of control that you may be used to if you enjoy painting. But there’s nothing wrong with that! Keep this in mind so that you can let go and have an enjoyable experience. 

Try Painting with Your Feet for Yourself 

Painting with your feet is perfect if you’re searching for an activity that’s fun for summer. Get your friends, children, or significant other to join in (and don’t forget to put a tarp down to catch the paint splatters!) You might just discover a new way to express yourself creatively 

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