Hot Nail Trends for Spring

Nails have become the new art scene. From appliqués, gels, nail drawing, marbling, print, or just plain new vibrant shades, spring heralds itself as a fun destination for your fingers and toes.They are the latest fashiontrend, even on the runway.Michelle Saunders, chief manicuristatEssie, created angles to semi-dry polished nails,resulting in abeautifulherringbone design with a business card on the model's nails. Recently,the latest art inmanicures has turned into an unexplored space in creativity and imagination that transcends new boundaries – whether itbe classic and sober or more intense andwith character.

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Neutral Nail Polish and Natural Manicure

For spring-summer, nude will beall the rave -- appreciated in all its shades, from the most neutral to the most decisive and full ones. The most fashionable shades will undoubtedly be the pearl color, refined and classy, the shades of beige and neutrals closer to powder pink and more delicate pink. This ultrachic manicure allows you to present a sophisticated and simple look, but always with a strong effect that is appropriate for any occasion and outfit.

Natural Pedicure

Pink Nail Art, from Salmon to Coral to Peach

As anticipated, pink is one of the most vibrant colors of the season. Preferred in the most intense shades of coral, peach, salmon, and apricot, this pastel shade with a romantic soul

pink nail art

is a fairytale reinterpretation of natural manicure for a gentle splash of color and a light and delicate look that's ideal forspring. Much appreciated in the glossy finish version, pink will also be one of the coolest choices for gel nails, thanks to its sophisticated and glam-chic soul.

Classic Blue, the Color of the Year

According to Pantone, it is the year's color, and it could only be one of the coolest shades of spring 2021. The brightest shades will be the classic blue that prevails and adds a touch of color in a season that prefers without doubtful pastel tones and creamy nuances.

Classic Blue Nail Polish

Both in the monochromatic version and combination with complementary colors for an original and trendy mix & match, this intense adrenaline color is designed to guarantee a magnetic look and give a twist of color and personality to your face, both day and night.

Pastel Yellow and Mint Green

Excellent luck for pastel colors, which have always been the most popular for the spring season. Above all, pastel yellow and mint green will prevail among the more delicate colors. These are two fresh and super light shades, but full of character and rigorously with a glossy finish to guarantee a luminous and chic effect.

mint green nails

Hot Trends for your Toes

Free the toes! After the long winter, our toes can finally get out into the fresh air again. This means you shouldmake a pedicure appointmentsoon, because after months of hiding under thick socks, your feet are guaranteed to need some care.Here’s a list of trends to takeyour toes to the next level.


The no-makeup trend will reach a new level in 2021, even on ourtoes. A natural pedicure without varnish is now all the rage again. Care is extremely important for this - the nail must be in perfect shape! It is best to invest in an appointment with a beautician.

feet in swimming pool

Non-Toxic Nail Polishes

Clean Beauty was the big hype in 2019 - that means we are saying goodbye to chemicals that are hazardous to health and are increasingly relying on purely natural, environmentally friendly formulas. More and more labels are appearing that score with vegan, non-toxic nail polishes. We brush them on our toenails straight away because the clean products from Nail Berry, Zoya and Co. guarantee no compromises when it comes to durability and color shine.

Tipp-Ex white

You could see white manicures everywhere last year - now we wear the bright color on our toenails too. Essential for a perfect look: The nail should be filed into shape and form a smooth base (use a base coat!), Because white emphasizes grooves and unevenness particularly strongly. Also, opaque paint is advantageous, which is a bit reminiscent of Tipp-Ex from school. Fix with a topcoat, and the white pedicure is ready.

Rose quartz

Ballerina pink is the big nail polish trend for spring - and it also works wonderfully on the toes. Delicately shimmering nuances that are reminiscent of rose quartz are most beautiful. Incidentally, the color highlights tanned skin particularly well and makes it look even more intense. Perfect for the next vacation!

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