Our Henry Ford Moment

We’re thrilled to announce that FitMyFoot has transitioned to a new manufacturing facility with new technology and improved processes to make FitMyFoot Custom Insoles and Sandals. This expansion gives us the potential to produce over one million units a year with a significant reduction in manufacturing and shipping time.

Have you ever waited a little too long to get your FitMyFoot Insoles or Sandals? We find this unacceptable. When we say 14 days from phone to door, we mean it (and want to beat it). In 2019, we found that demand for our products surpassed our ability to produce them and we set out on a journey to transform the business.

We can't thank you enough for your interest and patience while we engineered solutions. You fueled our imperative to find better ways of making custom 3D printed footwear. We'd like to share the ways this transition is helping us deliver the comfort you need in shoes you love.

The Prelude

In July, 2019 we introduced ournext generation FitMyFoot Custom Insole. This revolutionary product involved a complete redesign for superior performance as well as a reengineering of the way we make custom 3D printed footwear.

This past winter we began transitioning from our start-up development facility in San Diego to a new production and logistics center in the central United States. We upgraded to use HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers, the latest 3D printing technology. We adopted novel processing techniques that improve surface finish, color and durability while reducing touch time during manufacturing.

New HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer at work printing FitMyFoot Custom Insoles

New Print Breakout Process

New print breakout process

More than Meets the Eye

This transition goes well beyond machinery. We evolved our order management software for better handling of issues on the production floor. We automated more of our image and model processing. Finally, we improved logistics and upgraded our shipping with better international service and faster delivery.

FitMyFoot Production System Live on the Floor

The FitMyFoot production system live on the floor

What This Means for You

After months of preparation and testing, we’re seeing more consistent product quality that translates to fewer delays on the production floor. We’ve improved our fit and finish, especially color and materials. We reduced our packaging weight by 27%, increased the proportion of recycled material, and shifted to a single recyclable carton. All of this means better products made in a better way.

Total Turnaround

By redesigning products and production in parallel, we made it easier to predictably manufacture and ship FitMyFoot products to you. We’re thrilled to see our average production time drop 80% from our first test runs to current production runs in late January.

Production Turnaround Time Graph

Production turnaround time by print package batch in our new facility

At FitMyFoot, we have a passion for giving people the comfort they need in shoes they love. Everything we have learned in the last four years has gone into making the world’s most technologically advanced insoles and sandals. We’re thrilled to have equally advanced manufacturing and partners to help get these products to your door on time.

Thank you for being part of the journey! #KeepGoing

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