Can Custom-Fit Insoles Help Keep you Running?

As runners, we've all experienced our fair share of foot issues. Nothing is worse than having to end a good run before the "high" because your feet are aching or going numb.

The immense pressure from the force of your body weight is absorbed by the bottom of your poor feet. Force is concentrated on certain spots on your feet that make contact with the ground.

If you're not wearing proper footwear, that force can really damage your feet over time and lead to chronic, lasting pain that can radiate up your entire kinetic chain. The insoles that came in your "perfect pair" of running shoes may be a huge -- if not, THE -- reason your feet and/or body hurts during or after a run.

How Insoles Work

Insoles Illustration
Custom insoles are designed to support your arch and distribute weight across more of the bottom of your foot. Spreading force across a larger surface area on the bottom of your foot reduces the pressure you feel and improves comfort.

Better fit means better results.

traditional vs fitmyfoot insolesTo distribute weight across a larger surface area on the sole of your foot, an insole has to make good contact with the bottom of your foot. This is where the millimeters really matter. A small improvement in support makes a big difference in the amount of weight distributed across your feet.
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The Difference Custom-Fit Makes

Back at FitMyFoot HQ, we tested what percentage of the foot absorbs force under various scenarios: barefoot, supported with a traditional insert, and supported with FitMyFoot Comfort Plus custom insoles.

We found that about 75% of your foot absorbs force when barefoot, 80% absorbs force with a traditional insert (those that come in your running running shoes), and 85% absorbs force when wearing a FitMyFoot Comfort Plus custom-fit insole.*

Is that a big deal? Your feet will think so.

FitMyFoot Takes Pounds Off your Feet Each Day

When you're running or walking, the extra 10 percentage points of support you get when wearing FitMyFoot Comfort Plus custom-fit insoles takes about 31 pounds of force off your feet each day. That’s the weight of 2,500 quarters, or, over a year, the weight of an Indian elephant.

Are you ready for a pain-free run? Get your Ragnar custom insoles by FitMyFoot today!

Simply download the FitMyFoot app on any iOS or Android phone, take your foot scans. Then visit to select your favorite design. FitMyFoot also makes a custom sandal that is a great way to help your recovery after a run, a workout or a long day on your feet. Order both, and you'll be on your way to a pain-free run in no time!

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* Actual percentage results vary with every person based on their arch height and flexibility, body weight, and the type of traditional insert used for comparison.

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