How to Enjoy Your Golf Game Over the Holiday Weekend

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Independence Day or Canada Day? If you are a history buff, you probably think of the signing of the Declaration of Independence or the union of the British North Americanprovinces into one nation called Canada.If you are tired of Zoom meetings, conference calls, and trying to work from home, you are most likely looking forward to the 3-day weekend. Are you a kid at heart? You probably can’t wait to sit on a blanket under the stars and watch the fireworks show at your local park

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These are all great answers, but the long weekend is also the perfect time to dust off your clubs and head to your local golf course. This weekend is a great time for golf. Warm weather, plenty of sun, and your local course will be in pristine condition. We think we can help you get most out of your round.

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

As you can imagine, Canada Day and the July 4th weekend will be a popular time to play golf. Don’t wait until the last minute and hope you can sneak off the 1st tee. Call your local pro shop and make a tee time. When you speak to the club professional ask about Independence Day promotions or events. Many clubs will have specials over the holiday weekend, or they may have a casual tournament.

American flag at Golf Tournament

Flag tournaments are very popular. Here is how it works. If you are a 10-handicap and you are playing a par 72 course, you get 82 shots. Wherever your 82nd shot ends up, you plant your flag. The golfer that plants their flag the furthest, wins! If you shoot 79, you get to head back to the first tee and play 3 more shots before you put you flag in the ground! If the course you love to play is having a promotion or event, take advantage of it.

You have a tee time! Next step, are you going to play as a single or find some friends? There is nothing wrong with meeting new friends, but you might as well see if you can pull together a foursome of your buddies. Send a group text and see who bites. Even better, play a round with your family. Why not start an Independence Day tradition of 18 holes with your kids or grandkids?

Tee Time is Approaching – Are You Ready to Play?

You made your plan, got your tee time, and it is time to head to the course. What can you do the day of your round to get the most out of your golf experience? First things first – it is July and most likely will be warm. Make sure that you have enough water to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Nothing can ruin your 4th of July fireworks show like a bad sunburn.

placing golf ball on tee

Dress for the occasion. It’s Canada Day and Independence Day, so pull out your best patriotic outfit. Our favorite for the fourth is a solid red shirt with navy shorts but be creative and festive. You won’t be the only golfer on the course dressed for the holiday.

Golf courses were designed for you to stroll down the fairway, not ride down asphalt cart paths, so ditch the cart and walk the course. It is important that you prepare your body for this exercise – if you walk 18 holes, you will cover ~7 miles so take some time prior to your round to stretch. Pay special attention to your lower back and upper leg muscles. You don’t want to be sitting on ice after your round. Do you ever experience foot or ankle pain after walking? If so, make sure you have shoes with proper arch support. If you could use more help with foot pain, you may want to give a custom insole a try. You would be amazed how much sore feet can impact your golf game.

It is now time to hit your first tee shot. Good luck and play well.

No Reason to Rush Home

Did you play well? Hopefully you birdied the 18th hole, but regardless if you shot a new career best or couldn’t do anything right, we hope you enjoyed your holiday round of golf. There is no reason to rush home. Part of the golfing experience is the 19th hole! Put your clubs away in the trunk of your car, trade your golf shoes for a pair of comfortable sandals, and head inside for a cold beverage or a quick bite.

The only thing better than playing a round of golf is hanging out with your buddies afterwards and talking about the round of golf you just played. It seems repetitive, but golfers love to talk about the round they just finished playing. Brag about the great shots, laugh at how bad your buddy played, and discuss what could have been if only you had gotten that lucky bounce on #12.

Root Beer

If you took our advice from earlier and brought your kids or grandkids out to the course, their favorite part of the day might be the chicken tenders and root beer in the 19th hole. You never know what might spark their golf passion. I suspect many PGA and LPGA tour professionals got their start playing family golf over the holidays.

If this becomes a normal family activity and your kids or grandkids keep asking to go to the golf course, do you care if it is because they love to putt or if they simply love the chicken tenders? It doesn’t matter how you get them there, before you know it, they will be hooked on the game.

Seize the Day!

We all love long holiday weekends, but they can be hectic. Parties, get togethers, family activities, and parades. The schedule can get full quickly. Make a plan to play at least one round of golf. Get your tee time, pull together your foursome (friends or family), play 18 and get a couple drinks afterwards. There is nothing better than some exercise outdoors.


We hope you come home from golf course feeling refreshed and relaxed. Now you can put together a bag of snacks & drinks, grab a package of sparklers, and head to your favorite park to watch the fireworks. Help your kids catch some lightning bugs or let them run around with some friends.

At the end of the day, it is all about making memories. After the last year and a half, this year’s celebrations have a different feel. Make this holiday weekend a memorable one.

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