Great Golf Gifts for Dads and Grads

Such a great time of year. Father’s Day is coming up and we get celebrate recent high school or college graduates. Are you looking for a great golf-related gift for Father’s Day or for the recent graduate in your life? We can help. We have highlighted below some of our favorite gifts that will put a smile on the face of your golfing loved one. Are you thinking “sure, but he already has so much golf stuff”? We have tried to come up with unique gifts and that will even surprise the golfer that has “everything”.

Do you share his passion for the game? Below we have some ideas that you can enjoy together. We all know that the best gift for your dad or graduate is spending time together.

If golf isn’t your thing, you can still get him a present that shows you support his favorite hobby. Enjoy shopping and celebrating with your family.

A Golf Trip with Your Father or Graduate

What could be better than taking your dad or recent graduate on the golf trip of their dreams? Make memories that will last a lifetime. First, do a little a research. Does your dad have a “bucket list” course he hasn’t been able to play yet? It could be a trip to Pebble Beach and Spyglass or a long weekend in Pinehurst.

Pebble Beach

What an awesome gift. Spend a weekend traveling, playing golf, and laughing with your favorite golfer. To be honest, the destination of your trip won’t be that important – spending the time together is the real gift.

Custom Insoles - Keep Your Dad Healthy

When the golfer in your life gets home from the golf course, does he tell you about his round or does he tell you which parts of his body hurt? Sadly, many golfers can’t enjoy the game as much as they should due to foot, ankle, and back pain.

Phoenix Insoles

Why not give him the gift of relief?Foot health is critical to living an active lifestyle and enjoying your time on the course.Custom insoles will allow you dad or graduate to play golf more often and feel better following each round. Reduced pain sure sounds like an awesome gift.

Play in a Tournament Together

Did you know that there are hundreds of Father-Son or Grandfather-Grandson tournaments played all across the country every summer? How excited would your dad be if you signed up to compete in a golf tournament with him? One last memory before your graduate heads off to college!

Spend a few minutes researching tournaments in your area. Be a little sneaky and find out when your dad or grad has an open weekend and sign-up for an event. He will be thrilled when you tell him about this gift.

Customized Golf Balls

We know what you are thinking. Golf balls? This might be the most boring gift in history. We understand, but you turn this into a gift he will never forget with the right customization.

gift for dad with I Love You card

Mostgolf ball retailers now allow you to pick a custom number between 1-99, add a personal message, and even add a photo to the ball. Use these options to commemorate a special event in his life or add some humor. Your entire family will get a big laugh if he unwraps a dozen golf balls with a picture of his favorite pet on them. Be creative. For your graduate, design a ball with their college mascot.

Try to Win the Lottery Together (the Masters Lottery)

AttendingThe Masters golf tournament at Augusta National is the dream of every avid golfer, but getting tickets is near impossible. Each year the tournament committee holdsa lottery to determine the patrons that get to attend.

This lottery typically kicks off in early June and ends around Father’s Day. You probably won’t win on your first try but make it an annual tradition to enter your dad or graduate in the lottery, with the promise of taking them when/if they win.

Each year you can both enter to win and when it finally happens – it will be the greatest gift you have ever purchased.

Some Sandals to Relax in After He Plays

All golfers know this feeling. You finish your round of golf and head into the 19th hole for a drink and to discuss your score with your buddies. There is one problem. The dogs are barking. Sore feet can prevent you from enjoying the post-round trash talk.

Let us guess. Your dad or graduate loves golf, but you have never really fallen for the game. You have tried to play a few times, but golf can be hard to learn and can be extremely frustrating for beginners. You wish you enjoyed it and could spend time with your loved one.

green sandals

What if you gave them the gift of giving golf another try? Show them you are serious this time and want to learn the game that he loves. Sounds great, but how? There are golf academies and golf schools across the country that offer this type of trip. You can book a 3-5 day trip at a golf academy and receive professional instruction.

A great excuse to take a trip together before your recent graduate goes off to college or moves to their own apartment. Being immersed in the game for a few days in a row could be the spark that lights your golf fire and creates a new activity for your family to enjoy.

Does Your Dad or Grad Have a Sunday Golf Bag?

The best way to play golf is towalk the course. The game was designed for walking on grass, not driving a cart down an asphalt path.

men carrying golf bags

The problem for many golfers is that the average golf bag can be too heavy to carry and cause foot and back pain. ASunday golf bag is a unique gift that many golfers don’t currently own. They are uber-lightweight bags that are designed to hold 6-8 clubs and all your golfing essentials (balls, tees, glove, etc). Think of it as a minimalist option. They are perfect for practicing on a driving range or playing a casual round. For most golfers, they don’t replace a full-size bag, but are a different option depending on your plans for the day.

Golfers Love Getting Golf Gifts!

What do you think about our recommendations? Have you tried any of these gifts in the past? If your dad or grad loves the game, they will never be disappointed in a golf-related gift. Always remember, the best gift is making memories and spending time together. Be creative and find a gift that can do both.

The Perfect Gift for Dads and Grads

Use our list above and create a golf package for your dad or grad. Who wouldn’t love to be entered in the Masters lottery, get a new pair of sandals, and go on a golf trip with their son? What graduate wouldn’t be thrilled to get agift card for custom insoles, try a Sunday golf bag, and play in a tournament with their family before heading off to school in the fall?

One last thing – Any day is a great day to surprise your dad or grad with an awesome golf gift.

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