Eight Labor Day Ideas for Active People

Monday is a federally-recognized national holiday in the U.S. which means for most, a day off work. For some, a day off work comes as a great blessing. Maybe you’ve been working hard consistently and need a day to unwind and relax. Your plan for Labor Day weekend is to binge a few good movies and take a hard-earned daytime nap.

But for others, a day off work might leave you itching for activities to enjoy. The team at FitMyFoot can relate. So, we decided to round up some of the best Labor Day activities for active people. A day off doesn’t have to mean a day wasted, use this article as your inspiration and start the preparation for a fun-filled holiday weekend!

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Where did Labor Day come from?

Nowadays, Labor Day is considered the last hurrah of summer. That means beach days, barbeques, firework displays, and drinking and eating a little too much. But in truth, Labor Day is an important part of American history.

We did a deep dive into this history in an article we recently published about the True Meaning of Labor Day, check it out here if you want to learn more about it. For those who just want the summary, here you go: Labor Day is a holiday to celebrate the workforce that makes up America. America is known globally for its industrious work ethic, but we’re also known for not taking enough vacation time!

That’s why the workers of the Industrial Revolution decided it was time to revolt. Forming unions, the workforce demanded better conditions and pay. In fact, they wanted a full day off work to just enjoy life. After a little push, Congress agreed. And so, Labor Day was recognized as an annual national holiday.

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8 active Labor Day activities

If you want to make the most of the holiday weekend, get involved in something active. There’s no greater feeling than having fun, moving your body and making memories. Here is our list of the eight best Labor Day activities that you can enjoy with family and friends this year.

  1. Kayaking

According toKayaking Near Me,you can kayak in pretty much every state in the U.S.,“if there’s water, you can kayak!”. Renting a kayak is very reasonably priced, usually starting at about $25 for two to four hours. You can choose between a single kayak, double kayak or canoe, opting to go with or without a passenger.

Kayaking is a perfect way to explore the natural environment, improve your aerobic fitness, and spend time in the sun. Plus, it’s easy to get the hang of. Unlike other water sports like surfing, kayaking is simple and straightforward. No expertise necessary! All you have to do is jump in the kayak and pick it up as you go.

Get a group of people together this Labor Day and find a kayaking location near you.

  1. Rock climbing

You can rock climb anywhere in the U.S. Not free climbing - but finding an inside rock climbing place near you and paying it a visit. Climbing gyms are all the rage, meaning that you can almost undoubtedly find a place within an accessible distance from your house. If you can’t, make it a day trip and visit somewhere new - double win!

Rock climbing is a great full-body workout. It’s low impact and can help you build lean muscle. Plus, it’s an effective way to improve your coordination and give your brain a bit of logistical training.

  1. Hiking

Here atFitMyFoot, we love hiking! Check out these articles we have written about hiking, including theBest Hikes in California, and theBenefits of Hiking. We won’t bore you with any more hiking content but we will encourage you to give those articles a read if you’re looking for some inspiration or direction.

Hiking is totally free, and an ideal way to catch up with friends and family while staying active. What more could you want this Labor Day?!

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  1. Beach/lake day

Another free activity and an instant crowd-favorite, is having a beach or lake day. There’s something about getting food and drinks together, and your favorite people, and spending a day relaxing, playing, swimming, and socializing. It’s an American tradition right?!

If you’re particularly keen to stay active during this day, bring some beach activities with you like volleyball, spikeball, or beach frisbee. All these activities are family friendly and free - perfect!

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  1. Camping

Camping is another American Labor Day tradition. The U.S. is known to be one of the best places to camp in the world, due to its diverse natural environments and climates. You can camp in the desert in Nevada, or enjoy a waterfall while you camp in Virginia. Coast to coast, there are thousands of amazing places to camp.

This Labor Day, pitch up your tent, go for a walk, and enjoy the fresh air whilst camping.

  1. Fishing

This Labor Day activity can be enjoyed solo or in a group, making it a go-to choice for many.Fishing can help you stay active without necessarily building up a sweat. While waiting for a fish, you’ll allow your mind to relax and feel present in the moment. That’s why fishing is known to be a great stress reliever!

  1. Picnicking
Family walking with picnic basket

A picnic may not instantly sound like an active endeavour, however much like a beach day, it can be! Simply by bringing some fun games to play, organizing a picnic can quickly become an awesome Labor Day idea for even the most active of people.

  1. Explore your local community

Most towns have some sort of museum, art gallery, or public display happening. Use Labor Day as an opportunity to explore some more of your local community. Just Google “what is happening near me Labor Day 2021” and you’ll be met with hundreds of ideas to fill your mind with inspiration!

We hope this has given you some food for thought. Labor Day is a day to celebrate the workers of our country. So, if you’re part of this workforce or not, use the day to unwind and enjoy everything our country has to offer.

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