Best Physical Activities you can do with your Dad this Month for Father’s Day

Let's celebrate Father's Day! This year, Sunday June 20th is a special day to honor fatherhood and the influence of fathers in society. There are several ways to celebrate your Dad this Father's Day. Be it picking up the perfect Father's Day gift, writing a sweet message that reflects the bond you have with him and/or serving him breakfast in bed, but what to do with the day itself?

To make sure that your father's special day is filled with physical activities that'll bring him even closer to the people he loves, we atFitMyFoot came up with a bunch of fun things to make Father's Day memorable. The incredible thing is that these physical activities will allow you to spend quality time with your Father, which is by far the best present of all.

Here are 5 activities that you and he can do together that will guarantee an adventurous and unforgettable day.

  1. Plan a fishing trip

The most popular outdoor activity in the United States is fishing. In fact, more than50-million Americans went fishing in 2019 alone. After being trapped inside our homes due to COVID-19 restrictions for 15 odd months, it's time to surprise your Dad by arranging a fishing day on the lake.

grandfather, father and son fishing

Freshwater, seawater, and fly-fishing are among the many types of fishing trips you can take, with freshwater attracting the most people - almost 38.3 million! Fishing is one of the most traditional Father's Day activities here in the U.S. When else can you stand side-by-side and catch up on life, while appreciating the breathtaking view? Extra points if you remember to laugh at his best dad jokes!

According toTime Out, the Florida Keys is the best spot in the United States to fish, thanks to its abundance of tropical and highly sought-after fish such as white marlin, grouper, swordfish, and tarpon. To get the ball rolling, check out this article we wrote onHow to plan a fishing trip.

  1. Play some sports


We're certain Dad's top-of-the-list Father's Day activity will be golf. You can make his wish come true by booking him a tee on a favored green, or you can go to the driving range together. Golfing is not only fun but alsoimprovesyour health. Check out our article on thebest golf gifts for Dads (and grads) [Link to golf gift guide for dads and grads] to unwrap and enjoy on the course with you!

If you want to step up your game a notch, you can pay a PGA-pro for a series of golf lessons. It’s an excellent excuse to spend time together, learn from a pro, and improve your game. Or maybe to improve your game, all you need is the rightcustom insole to be able to perfect your swing!

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You can also organize tournaments, such as one in which groups compete against each other, and the best shot from each hole contributes toward a team score. Furthermore, matching golf shirts for Dad and his golf buddies will make for a fantastic group photo opportunity too! If the weather is unfortunate, see if there are any indoor mini-golf facilities in your area.


Relieve your Dad's stress by playing tennis with him. Better yet, organize a family or neighborhood Tennis competition for your Dad. Make sure to follow up this activity with a post-game barbeque party, so that everyone can relive their shots and speculate who was the best player of the match.

father and daughter walking

What’s appealing about tennis is that in the U.S., there are250,000 public tennis courts available for use, free of charge. All you have to do is reverse a slot ahead of time and enjoy!

  1. Attend a live sports game

Take your Dad to his favorite sporting event - always a winning idea! In your local area, you’ll be able to find a professional or a local game, whether it’s attending the NPA Conference Semifinals or a Major League baseball game, you will make lasting memories.

Baseball is one of America's favorite pastimes, and it's a fantastic way to spend the day with Dad. Many stadiums have reopened with full live audiences, so check to see if your club is playing and what the guidelines are. There are plenty ofMajor League Baseball encounters on Sunday across many states -- don't miss out on taking Dad to one.

Your Dad will be able to spend quality time with his kids while watching one of his favorite teams perform – what more could he want? Many stadiums offer Father's Day deals; check if they're offering discounted tickets. Nothing would make him happier than a splurge of discounted season tickets. Plus, purchase a jersey for Dad to wear to support his favorite team.

  1. Go for a hike

Hiking is a go-to physical activity. You get to explore, get close to nature, and make memories with the friends and family you hike with. The added bonus is that the U.S. is believed to be the best place to hike as it is home to a variety of diverse environments that spread from coast to coast, each with a unique climate and terrain.

father, daughter and son hiking

The U.S. is home to423 national park sites and63 national parks, spanning more than 84 million acres. There are five major climate types from tropical to highlands, each creating a unique hiking territory.

In June, most United States regions experience mild temperatures, making it the ideal time to put on your hiking boots and spend some time outside. Take an escape to a nearby mountain, hill, meadow, or lake and go explore odd and unusual sites along the way, which would make for a perfect activity for an adventurous dad. Check out our list ofthe best hikes in California for the spots you need to explore.

  1. Go whale watching

Whales aren't animals we see every day. Seeing this wild majestic creature up close, especially one as large as a bus is a magical experience. Whales have an understandable curiosity with humans, and the best way to see them is in their natural habitat.

father and son whale watching

According to anew IFAW study, more than 13 million people took whale watching tours last year in 119 countries worldwide. Spending Father's Day with your Dad at such a magnificent site can certainly never be forgotten. Here are some of the best whale watching spots in the U.S.:

  1. Juneau, Alaska
  1. Monterey, California
  1. Newport Beach, California
  1. Cape Cod, Massachusetts. ...
  1. Maui, Hawaii. ...
  1. San Juan Islands, Washington.
  1. Bar Harbor, Maine.

California is unquestionably one of the best spots in the world to go whale watching. Throughout the year, grey whales, orcas, humpbacks, minke, finback, and blue whales move off the California coast, so you're sure to see at least one species on a whale-watching trip.

If one of these spots is close to you, give it a go! Tickets are very reasonable (often less than $20 each), and you’ll get a few hours of adventure getting up close and personal with some of the world’s most mysterious and beautiful creatures.

Final thoughts

This weekend, it’s time to celebrate your father. Father’s raise us, protect us, and love us, and for that - we are all truly grateful. For fathers who love the outdoors as much as we do, we hope these activities have sparked your interest. Start planning and booking your day to make sure you don’t miss out. Enjoy!

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