With Just A Few Pictures Of Your Feet, FitMyFoot Can Make You A Pair Of Custom 3d Printed Insoles

3D printed shoes and insoles are all the rage these days, but only a select few are actually mass-market ready and making their way to your feet. One of these select few products comes from a company called FitMyFoot, which has created an innovative home scanning process that allows you to order custom 3D printed insoles from an app on your mobile phone. With a few photos captured on your smart phone, you can order highly specific insoles that are specially suited to support each foot for every wearer.

FitMyFoot (pronounced “Weave”), was founded in Vancouver by Shamir Hargovan and Louis-Victor Jadavji. After working for other 3D printing companies, both FitMyFoot’s founders and its CTO all left their positions to focus on the FitMyFoot initiative. Their industry expertise and startup mentality have allowed FitMyFoot to bring the wow factor of 3D printed footwear to a more accessible platform. With $3 million in seed funding from recognizable investors including the Canadian Government, FitMyFoot has moved on to a testing phase. The FitMyFoot 100 is a group of one thousand nurses, firefighters, and emergency service workers who are known to spend long, grueling hours on their feet.

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Based on user-submitted smart phone scans, FitMyFoot uses SLS 3D printing techniques to create precision-formed insoles, and focuses on distributing impact and support evenly over the natural shape of the foot. And since every foot is different, even left to right in the same person, precise customization is key. By supporting every unique, natural arch, FitMyFoot insoles improve motion control and reduce foot fatigue. Correcting the way impact travels along the foot when standing, walking, or running can also prevent or help to heal foot and leg injuries. Shoes that don’t fit just right can exacerbate physical damage, and FitMyFoot wants to keep that damage at bay.

Custom FitMyFoot insoles will cost $75, and come with aesthetic options in addition to the highly customized fit. Buyers can choose from four base colors and eight top sheet colors, and can specialize their FitMyFoots for use in athletic, dress, or casual shoes. You can already scan your feet and order your own FitMyFoots, but the company is also expected to launch a Kickstarter campaign in January.

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