FitMyFoot-Built Custom Space Boot Wins Little Inventor Competition | Live From Space

FitMyFoot was approached last year to help a “little inventor”, 11-year-old Connor Brown, turn his idea for Space boot imprints into reality. Connor was participating in a science contest called the Little Inventors: Inventions for Space Contest, and his invention was declared a winner in a live broadcast from - you guessed it - SPACE.

Not only did we build the space boot, we outfitted it with our newest insole design inspired by Connor’s love for space: the Space Walker to make prancing at any gravity-level fun.

We don't just make insoles around here. We also help kids crush it at the science fair

In an announcement live from the International Space Station by Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jaques, Connor, was announced as the winner of Little Inventors Space Challenge.

Chris and Connor talk with David Saint Jacques Live in Space

The background

In September 2018 FitMyFoot was approached by Little Inventors to bring Connor's idea of a "Space Boot with a Custom Imprint" to life. The boot's design included a custom sole so that the wearer's personal footprint would be left on any planet that they visited.

"Most boots have the same zigzag pattern on the bottom of the sole. But with my idea, astronauts can see their designed boot imprint marks on the moon. With my invention, we can also tell which imprint belongs to who," Connor told the audience.

Connor's original design in space

The announcement of his win was made in a live 20-minute downlink from the international space station with Canadian astronaut David St Jaques, where Connor got to describe his invention to David after it was announced. The event was part of a larger event hosted by NSERC at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in fredericton New Brunswick.

David Saint-Jacques said he thought it was a very creative idea.

Connor and Chris explaining how the space boot works

More than 3,000 students entered the contest, but Connor's Custom Imprint Space Boots were selected as one of the winners.

"And you know Canada has joined a group of nations to go back to the moon and we'll need boots for that. So maybe your invention will have a future. Keep thinking and keep inventing," he said.

FitMyFoot's lead engineer Chris Bellamy collaborated with Connor for 3 weeks to turn his Space Boot sketches into a prototype. The space boot was designed, 3D printed and assembled at FitMyFoot's custom footwear factory.

Connor and Chris with the winning Space Boot Invention

FitMyFoot scanned Connors feet using the FitMyFoot smartphone app, and created a Space Boot design that not only had Connor's custom design in the sole but also fit his feet perfectly. The boot also featured a custom fit FitMyFoot insole, with galaxy design.

At the awards event in New Brunswick, Connor got to meet with Chris Bellamy in person, and try on his Space Boots for the first time. They were a perfect fit!

Connor trying on his space boots for the first time

To celebrate Connor's success, FitMyFoot has created a Limited Edition Space Walker Insole –– matching the one-off design found in Connor's Space Boots.

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Watch below how FitMyFoot collaborated with Connor to bring the idea to life ––

About Little Inventors:Little Inventors was born in the United Kingdom in 2015. It aims to inspire and support children all over the world to develop their own invention, and it turns the best ideas into real objects.Little Inventorstakes children's invention ideas and makes them real.

About David Saint Jaques:David Saint-Jacques is a Canadian astronaut with the Canadian Space Agency. He is also an astrophysicist, engineer, and a physician. In December 2018 he launched to the International Space Station, as Flight Engineer on Expeditions 57, 58 and 59; he is scheduled to return to Earth in July 2019.

About the Canada Wide Science Fair: The Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) brings science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) out of the classroom - engaging youth in STEM solutions to real world issues. CWSF is celebrating Canada's brightest young minds and an inspiring exploration in STEM for the thousands of visitors.

About NSERC: NSERC are the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Canada's federal funding agency for science and engineering research.NSERC aims to make Canada a country of discoverers and innovators for the benefit of all Canadians.

About FitMyFoot: FitMyFoot is a technology company making custom fit footwear using scans from their smartphone app. The company has been selling custom fit insoles and sandals since 2015. Find out more at

Photos and video courtesy of the Canadian Space Agency

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