FitMyFoot App Wins Best UX

FitMyFoot App Wins Best UX

It all started when Enger Bewza secretly submitted the FitMyFoot app to the Vancouver UX Awards a few weeks ago, and surprised our Product Manager, Hannah Zachritz, with the fact that "In two days we need to give a presentation" and "Will you help me out on stage!" Begrudgingly, she accepted.

What happened next has us completely overjoyed!

The FitMyFoot team is excited to announce that on Wednesday, November 16th, FitMyFoot won best UX for Products and best UX overall at the Vancouver UX Awards. As the corner stone of the entire FitMyFoot experience, the app is something that our team has been working on since we first decided to go down this path of 3D printed insoles came about.

"We needed a way to capture biomechanical data in as accessible of a way as possible – an obvious choice was to use the most pervasive platform to date, the smart phone."

Biomechanical Data

The criteria was based on five things:

1. Joy

Is the app a delight to use? Does it show an element of care?

We like to think so! Our team has spent countless hours to make our app as seamless and interactive as possible, while still capturing the incredible biomechanical detail that we use to create your custom-fit 3D printed insoles.

2. Elegance

How refined and cohesive is the experience? Is it seamless and consistent?

Our user flow takes the idea of visiting a doctor & creating casts of your feet, and turns it on its head. We start by getting you to customize your unique pair of insoles. We then capture 5 photos of your feet that we use to create your perfectly unique, biomechanically accurate pair of insoles.

3. Clarity

Is there a refined feeling of simplicity for a larger vision?

We stripped away all of the distractions, and made taking photos of your feet fun and – dare we say it – exciting! Our app is the first step in creating a physical product that's made just for you. It is the the single most important aspect of FitMyFoot's larger vision, and that is to provide our users with more active years to their lives. It is the tool that allows us to truly bring a mass customized product to you.

4. Innovation

What is new and exciting about the app?

Like with Snapchat face swap, we map over 200 data points on the photos you take to create a 3D model of your feet. This data is then used by our biomechanics team to 3D print your unique pair of insoles. If that doesn't scream new and exciting, we don't know what does!

5. Impact

What can be attributed to the app? Is it solving a problem that needs to be solved?

In America, 1 in 3 people suffer from some sort of foot, knee, hip, or back pain. Yet, only 30% of those people actually do anything about it. That could be because of lack of access to health care, or could be attributed to laziness to leave the house – after all, most of us are more than happy to just kick our feet up and relax. FitMyFoot wants to make these simple and elegant solutions accessible to everyone, and start adding active years to people lives, and that starts from the ground up.


Are you ready? Give our app a try for free! Go to and download the Android or iOS app today.

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Is It Solving A Problem That Needs To Be Solved?

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