Why Mass Customization Matters

Why Mass Customization Matters

Before we get into it, let's be clear, mass customization isn't appropriate for all products. There will always be a need for mass production. For example, it would not be feasible to think that a chocolate bar company could create mass customized candy bars. Even if it would be really cool to go to the vending machine, choose peanuts, caramel, nugget, skip the almonds, pick 75% cocoa and have a machine create it right there for you. The amount of stock required to make that happen on a global scale is just not reasonable. Hence, you get a choice of mass produced candy.

Now something like our Custom 3D-Printed insoles makes more sense. Everyone's foot is different – even from left to right. That means that your best friend who has the same size shoes as you does not actually have the same size feet as you. Everyone's arch is different based on their environment, history, sports, etc. What mass customization does is allow us to produce a pair of insoles that is made specifically for your feet. (See: Custom Fit Insoles Vs. Off-The-Shelf Insoles)

Mass customization lets us bring you a unique solution for your specific case. It allows us to look at your foot, and even though you and your friend may have the same size shoes, the width of your foot could be off by 3mm. Our process takes that into account. Your arch could be flat, and your friends quite high. We take that into account as well. Our ability to handle this mass customization on a massive scale is what makes FitMyFoot unique. We can be manufacturing 100 different pairs all at once, and each one would be custom.

When you step onto a foot scanning kiosk in the mall, you get the illusion of customization. It spits out a number that tells you which insole is best for your foot shape. However, you are going to get 2 mirrored versions of the same size 10 'high arch' insole as everyone else. With a device that is designed to correct your biomechanics, this can be quite dangerous for you – especially if you are looking for relief from a problem.

FitMyFoot Custom 3D-Printed Insoles helps to relieve plantar fasciitis pain, joint discomfort, and general foot fatigue that is specific to your unique needs. Our app has been developed to handle the mass customization process right from your home. Just take 5 photos of your feet, customize your insoles, and we will 3D-print and deliver your custom pair to your door within 7 days. (See: 10 Types of Pain FitMyFoot Custom Insoles Can Relieve)

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