Walk 10,000 Steps A Day The Easy Way (While At Work!)

Walk 10,000 Steps A Day The Easy Way (While At Work!)

Want to start hitting your 10,000 daily steps? We broke your day down into 3 digestible times to help keep you going.

**Pro hint: Keep a pair of comfortable shoes under your desk or in your bag so you can kick off your dress shoes... Because let's be real – no one is taking 10,000 steps in heels.

Morning: 3,500

  • Take the Dog For a Walk Before Work:Instead of just letting little rover roam in the back yard, take them around the block for 20 minutes while you drink your coffee. Not only will it wake you up, but it will help kick start your metabolism for the day. Your 4 legged friend will thank you as well!
  • Walk to Work:If you live within a 10-minute drive to the office, you really have no excuse. Put your work shoes in your bag, throw on a pair of runners (or something comfortable to walk in) and get moving!
  • Take the Stairs: Why stand in a box or on moving stairs? You're going to be sitting all day anyways – so take the stairs! Every floor you walk is an opportunity to keep yourself going.

Noon: 2,500

  • Walk Before you Eat Lunch:We all sit at our desks and eat our lunch while flipping through Facebook or Twitter (that's probably how you found this article). So, why not get out for 30 minutes and cruise the streets. You could easily take 2,500 steps if you put some hustle in it.
  • Runch:Run+Lunch = if you have a shower at work, why not go for a 20 minute jog a few days a week?
  • Afternoon Coffee 'Run':Don't just hit up the Starbucks under your building... We all know that little cafe a few blocks away is better so take the extra 5 minutes, and help keep a little Mom and Pop shop afloat!

Night: 4,000

  • Walk Home At the End of the Day:If you walked to work, there is NO reason you shouldn't walk home. The fresh air, the exercise, and the time to yourself will help you clear your mind before having to deal with your life admin.
  • After Dinner Evening Stroll:After dinner is done, and the dishes are put away, take the dog for a goof 45 minute to an hour long walk. Take him to the park, or even for a run. Because a tired dog is a good dog!

Now this shouldn't be too obvious, but the key to winning this race is repetition. So tomorrow morning set your alarm and do it again! Your health will thank you for it. Get your custom, 3D printed insoles here:www.FitMyFoot.com/base

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