The FitMyFoot Advantage

The FitMyFoot Advantage

FitMyFoot makes custom insoles that have been 3D printed to match the unique contours of your feet. With so many optioned available for you in the market, we wanted to show you how the FitMyFoot process differs from everyone else.

Customizing Your Insoles:

Customizing Your Insoles

Function always comes first, but style matters to. With a variety of top layers, and BASE colors, there is a unique design option for everyone. Our interactive in-app color picker gives you full control to see exactly what your pair of custom BASE insoles will look like upon arrival!

How We Capture Your Feet:

How We Capture Your Feet

After picking your colors, our app will walk you through how to digitize your feet. It's quite simple really, simply fold an 8.5x11 piece of paper length wise down the middle, and place it flush against the wall. Stand on the piece of paper with your heel touching the wall. The app will begin to count down before taking the picture. Before moving on with the flow, make sure that your heel and the paper are touching the wall. Repeat with your other foot.

Next is the tricky part. Place the phone down on the ground, and step your foot into frame. Make sure your ARCH is facing the camera. This is the most important photo in the process, as this is where we capture most of our data. When you check your photo, make sure you can see both your toes and your heel. Repeat with your other foot.

Creating Biomechanically Accurate Insoles:

After you submit your photos, our talented techs will make sure we can capture the data necessary from your photos to make you a biomechanically accurate insole. After being approved, our back end will map out over 200 points of data on your feet. This data translates into a biomechanically accurate (within 2mm) arch curve. This curve helps us design a 3D model of your foot, which we use to print your pair of custom insoles.

A good example of how this works in an everyday situation is Snap Chat filters. Think about how they have been able to automatically apply, with precision, various faces and animations to your face. We do something similar, except much more advanced!

3D Printed For Accuracy:

3D Printed For Accuracy

Traditionally, custom shoe inserts are made by using a plaster cast and foam box impressions. Patients will have their feet cast in fiberglass or plaster or, alternatively, receive a foam impression of their feet by pressing them into a box of foam. The cast or impression is then sent to a lab that uses these molds as negatives with which to produce the final insert.

However, the biggest advantages of 3D printing is the ability to adapt and manufacture any product at any time, without having to create a new injection mold. This means that we're able to manufacture your unique pair, along with many other unique pairs, all at the same time, and deliver them to your door within 2 weeks!

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