Silly, Yet Painful Mistakes
Made by Golfers

If you are reading this post looking for swing tips, you have come to the wrong place. We are not going to spend anytime talking about your weight shift or swing plane. We are focused on the sillythings golfers do that make their life harder and potentially more painful.

Golf is hard enough without causing injuries to your body due to frustration, anger, or lack of focus. Below we share our “famous 4 such mistakes that are made on the course. We promise – all of these have actually happened during a round of golf.Are you guilty of any of them?

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Temper Tantrum Back Injury

What is it about the game of golf that can make a mature adult act like a toddler? You know you have seen it. A few bad shots in a row and all of asuddenyour playing partner is slamming their club in the ground. Even worse, clubs start to fly. You may be embarrassed about it, but most golfers have tossed a club or two during a bad round. What could be worse than throwing a temper tantrum in front of your friends? Imagine pulling a muscle during your outburst and not being able to finish the round. Now that is embarrassing. A great example of a silly mistake.

Elderly Man with Back Pain

Many golfers suffer from back pain. If your pain isn’t due to a tantrum, maybe you need better support for your feet.FitMyFoot can help.

Wreck a Golf Cart

Did you know in December LPGA tour starCristie Kerr almost missed the biggest event of the year (Women’s US Open) because she was in a golf cart accident? Golf cart accidents on the course have increased the last few years. Typically caused by driving too fast, not paying attention, or trying to jump over a small hill or a bunker. Many golfers don’t realize that while golf carts are safe, they can easily flip over or slide off a bridge. We call it silly to have a golf cart accident, but you do need to pay attention when operating one.

Golf Cart

The best way to avoid wrecking a golf cart; walk the course instead! Do your feet get sore if you try to walk 18 holes? Acustom insole from FitMyFoot can help eliminate that pain.

Lose a Fight with a Small Insect

New York Times bestselling novelist Garth Nix once wrote “Bee stings are very educational.” Silly golfers should learn this fact. The golf course is nature and nature can be dangerous. While playing, you should definitely be on the lookout for snakes or alligators, but we feel the small insects are more likely to cause you pain. Bees and fire ants canquickly ruin your round of golf.

Bee On A Flower

The mistake golfers make is not recognizing they are approaching a dangerous situation. If you see a swarm of bees, head the other direction. The last thing you want to do is disturb a nest. You have more golf balls in your bag – leave the one that ended up near a fire ant hill.

Don’t believe us that fire ants are dangerous? PGA tour pro Bryson DeChambeau asked an official in a recent tournament for a “free drop” because he saw a couple fire ants near his golf ball. There is a rule in golf that allows relief if your ball is in a “dangerous environment.” Ultimately, the rules official did not see enough ants to award Bryson relief, but it does give you an idea of what we are talking about.

You are right – FitMyFoot does not have a product that will help you in a battle versus bees or fire ants, but ourcustom insoles will make your feet feel better while you run away from a swarm!

The Dreaded Ankle Cracker

Any golfer that has played for years knows what we are talking about – there is no worse pain than when you accidentally hit your ankle with your wedge. How does this happen, you might ask? It starts with a player trying to be considerate. After hitting out of a greenside sand bunker you don’t want to drag sand on to the green – the sand will bother other players trying to putt. The easy solution – smack your wedge against the bottom of your shoe to knock the sand off before you reach the green.

Sounds simple, right? You will see pros on TV do it almost every time they exit a sand trap. The mistake often made by golfers is they miss their foot. Instead of knocking the sand off the sole of their shoe, the wedge swings just a fraction higher and cracks the ankle bone. It is a silly and painful mistake.

The good news – you typically don’t end up with a long-term injury, but you will be limping for a couple holes and you will be gentler the next time you try to clean off the sand.


On average a round of golf takes 4 and half hours to play. That is 270 minutes when you could make a silly mistake, so stay focused! Never leave the course in pain. The goal should be to leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.FitMyFoot custom insoles can help your feet and back. You will need to take care of yourself to avoid the insects and the ankle-cracker!

What silly mistakes have you made or observed on the course? Broken clubs? Tumbles into a creek or lake? Stay safe out there and play well!

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