Introducing the World’s First Custom Slide

Today, your FitMyFoot family reached a new milestone with the launch of the world’s first custom slide sandal.

You’ve been asking for a custom slide version of the custom flip flops we launched in 2017, and today we delivered with the new custom FitMyFoot Comfort Plus Slides. We love when we get to say “you spoke; we listened!” And we love when we get to create a product that we know -- with certainty -- will answer the needs of our customers. Today is that day! These slides hit all the marks you asked for:

  • Custom. Our slides are custom-fit to each unique foot -- right down to the millimeter. We make them on demand using the latest in 3D-printing technology and added adjustable straps that make it easy to get the perfect fit every time. And we made them in 60+ colors and styles to match any personality.
  • Comfort. We engineered them with a dynamically tuned arch support and heel cup, so your foot can move naturally while maintaining strength and agility. They’re lightweight, waterproof and breathable.
  • Quality. We paid special attention to the tread on the bottom to ensure that it provides optimal connection between the shoe and the ground for better traction and performance. They’re also made with a durable foam that will withstand the compound pressures of daily wear.
  • Price. Today through Cyber Monday, Nov. 30th, you can get your pair of custom Comfort Plus Slides for $109.95 – $20 off the regular price of $129.95. And of course, we offer our 30-day happiness guarantee.

Like many of you, I’ve been wearing slides most of my life. As a former college athlete, I've suffered from foot and body pain resulting from many years of trauma. These slides are a game changer for me, especially since I still enjoy playing “weekend warrior” every once in a while. When my feet ache, I slide them into a pair and my feet feel instant support. The rest of my body feels lighter, and I move easier.

It’s crazy what supportive footwear can really do for the body.

I’d like to thank our amazing engineering, biomechanics, customer experience, marketing and software teams for creating a product that I’m proud – and relieved – to wear Every. Single. Day. I’m beyond grateful, and I just know you will be too. Please get your pair today and send us your feedback. We want to hear from you!

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