Introducing the FitMyFoot Custom Insole. Evolved.

Meet the FitMyFoot Custom Insole. Evolved.

When it comes to innovation, we walk the walk here at FitMyFoot HQ.

Using customer feedback and more than 12 million data points from real people’s real feet, we evolved the FitMyFoot Custom Insole into the product your feet have always dreamed of.

The evolved FitMyFoot Custom Insole features premium-level materials and a rigorously tested design thatlooks, feels, and performs better than ever before. And that's not all – they are alsoproven to reduce foot and leg fatigue, improve comfort, and even make your shoes fit better.

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Enhanced from heel to toe

Our evolved design has surpassed all of our expectations, and that’ssaying a lot. Beyond the thousands of happy customers that our 2017 original insole helped, our original insole was also under the feet of an Olympic Rugby team when they won gold. No big deal.

FitMyFoot Custom Insole Then and Now

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