Introducing Paaww Custom Pet Insoles by FitMyFoot


    Suitable for all types of feet, our insoles have custom arch support to relieve pain and foot fatigue.


    Featuring custom arch support, adjustable straps, and a custom-placed toe thong.


Paaww Custom Pet Insoles are the first of their kind –– an insole product made just for dogs. They’re scientifically proven to reduce pressure and loading on your pet’s paws, so they can run, jump, and fetch in comfort. Wiivv digitally maps 200 points on each of your pet’s four paws through our cutting-edge, award-winning mobile app, and uses this data to make insoles that fit your dog, and your dog alone. 

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Like Wiivv’s human line of products, Paaww Custom Pet Insoles support each of your pup’s unique paws, giving them the support they need to move their best. Just Put Paaww Custom Pet Insoles in your dog’s booties and watch them run like you just dropped a peanut butter covered steak.

How It WorksDog Using FitMyFoot App

Getting Paw custom insoles for your dog is as easy as ever with Wiivv:

1 - Download the Wiivv Apple or Android App.

2 - Scan your dogs paws using the Wiivv App - we recommend having lots of treats on hand.

3 - Personalise your dogs insoles with their name, favourite colour, and top layer pattern.

4 - After ordering, Paaww will be shipped to your dogs kennel within 14 days.

A Puppy with Paaww Custom Pet Insoles


Features and Benefits

In addition to perfect fit using Wiivv's signature Wiivv Fit Technology and 3D Printing - the insoles exhibit the following features:

Paaww Custom Pet Insoles Features and Benefits

  • Individual pad support - with room for nails
  • Deep cushioning paw cup
  • Grippy outsole - for all weather conditions
  • Custom name, top layer, and colour to match their owners insoles
  • Bootie Friendly design - Paaww insoles work perfectly on bare paws, or inside their favourite booties.

Dog with Paaww Custom Pet Insoles

 Perfect fitting custom insoles for dogs are expected to reduce paw fatigue, improve comfort on hard surfaces and achieve whole body alignment resulting in improved scampering efficiency.

Dog Looking at Paaww Custom Pet Insoles

Our Story

Wiivv has been in the custom footwear business since 2014. The company launched two of the top grossing 3D-Printing Kickstarter Campaigns in history. Custom Wiivv Insoles, our first product, features arch support made for your unique body, right from your phone.

After hearing thousands of positive responses from our customers about their insoles, we discovered an additional need for a "toes out" solution to unhappy feet. With this in mind, we launched Custom Wiivv Sandals in 2018 — a sandal made just for you, featuring custom arch support, adjustable straps, and custom placed, ultra-soft toe thong.

Then, in 2018 we learned that the dogs of our Wiivv-wearers were suddenly falling behind on walks, hikes, and runs, and Wiivv President and CEO, Shamil Hargovan, had a “lightning bolt” moment.

Dog Using Traditional Paw Measurement and FitMyFoot App

“The market potential of canine wearables is huge. Dogs have double the number of feet people do,” Hargovan said.

For the last 2 years (14 dog years) Wiivv have been focusing on disrupting the competitive dog apparel business with the world’s first custom insole for dogs.

Paaww Custom Pet Insoles are available for pre-order today. The product is scheduled to be released on the company’s website in August 2019.

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