Use Insoles To Avoid Foot Fatigue From Standing All Day

There are lots of professions that require standing all day. Try a pair of FitMyFoot Custom Fit 3D Printed Insoles. Curious who FitMyFoot insoles are right for? Check it out below.


Athletes are always looking for that 'edge' that will help them go farther, run faster, get stronger, or just increase their performance. To find that edge, many athletes rely on FitMyFoot insoles to keep their foot in the most efficient position possible (See: Martha McCabe, Olympic Swimmer). FitMyFoot insoles help our athletic friends to feel more aligned in the knees, hips and back, helping to prevent injury, reduce muscle fatigue, and push themselves harder during their training.


People who work on their feet all day cause constant strain to their body (See: How Many Steps We Take At Our Job Everyday). This constant strain can wreak havoc on their body if they don't support themselves properly. FitMyFoot custom insoles help to absorb and distribute the shock of everyday work while providing relief from daily stress and injury.


We all know someone who logs more miles on their feet than they do in their car. The added stress of heavy miles starts to take its tole on a runner's feet, heels, and shins leading to plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and runner's knee (See: 10 Types of Pain FitMyFoot Can Help). Our cushioned heel cup and custom arch help to alleviate plantar fasciitis pain, reduce joint discomfort and general foot fatigue – allowing your running friends to go farther, and feel better doing so (See: Linda Wong, Ultramarathon Runner).


Even the most seasoned hiker would agree that it's very easy to lose your footing, or feel unstable on your feet while hiking. FitMyFoot's custom arch and deep heel cup provide an increased support to lock your heel in place. This is important as it provides additional stability to your feet. Early results have also shown that wearing FitMyFoot insoles reduces how much your foot muscles work, allowing you to go longer with less fatigue. FitMyFoot makes the perfect addition to your 10 hiking essentials (See: 10 Hiking Essentials to Keep You Going)


Tissues in your heels are often very thin and if you subject your feet to shock and pressure from standing, walking or running, inflammation will occur. Your feet may loose flexibility and you will experience excruciating pain. However with FitMyFoot insoles, you minimize pressure and shock on the feet. We offer quality cushioning to enhance comfort and support. FitMyFoot insoles also prolong the lifespan of your shoes by reducing impact with the ground when you engage in various activities.


Have pain in your knees, hips, or lower back? If you've tried everything, and nothing seems to be working, you may want to try custom fit orthotics. There are many connections between the pain you are experiencing and the stress you put your feet through.

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