How FitMyFoot Can Help You Run Better

How FitMyFoot Can Help You Run Better

Running, triathlons, and adventure racing are the fastest growing sports in America. As people begin to take a more 'adventurous' approach to the sport, the risk of injury increases. With that in mind, we set out to take on the challenge of making a perfectly versatile custom insole that's made to handle everything that the street or the trail can throw at you. Our custom arch and stabilizing heel cup are designed and made just for you, keeping you going longer.

Here are three ways FitMyFoot can help you become a better runner:


Whether you have flat feet or high arches, our custom insoles provide the enhanced support that your feet need to run pain free. We support your arch in a way that your shoes never could (See: Off The Shelf Vs. FitMyFoot Custom Insoles). It all starts with our custom heel cup. The soft heel pad improves comfort and provides relief by absorbing the shock of every step you take.

We map over 200 points of data onto the arch of your foot. This data helps us to create a custom lateral arch that redistributes the forces applied to your foot while running. This added support provides relief from various foot pathologies like plantar fasciitis, and general foot fatigue from everyday activities. Reducing these peak forces also enhances the comfort of your shoe, making running a pleasure again!

Experienced WiVV Customer

“I've been using FitMyFoots for about 6 months now for my Plantar Fasciitis – the biggest benefit to me is that I don’t feel my feet. I would recommend FitMyFoots for every runner as a first step to their foot problems.” – Linda W. Ultramarathon Runner


When you think of a high-impact sport, you think of football, rugby, or hockey. However, running can be just as bad. Even though there is less person-on-person contact, the jolting motion of running can cause an impact 2.5 times greater than your body weight with every step. That's a lot of added stress to your joints.

Our custom arch and cushioned heel cup aim to reduce that joint load. They are designed to help promote alignment in your feet, knees, hips, and back. By giving your arch the proper support you need, your helping to make sure that your body is aligned properly. Combined with our deep stabilizing heel cup, FitMyFoot custom insoles help to control pronation by stabilizing your foot, and reduce the risk of injury.


“The custom insoles are incredibly comfortable. I've been wearing them in my work shoes and running shoes, and they have helped reduce fatigue over the course of the day.” – Joel L. Chiropractor


Our top layer is made from 92% REPREVE, a recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. The material has also been treated with SORBTEK®, Unifi's moisture management system that catches moisture, moves it away and releases it for quick evaporation. This cushioned top layer increases the comfort of your foot for those long runs, or every day walks.

Preliminary results have also shown that wearing FitMyFoot insoles make the muscles in your ankle do less work. This is due to the added support that we provide your arch and heel, allowing your arch the support it needs instead of struggling to support its self.


“Long distance running is one of my passions and I have been battling Achilles Tendinitis which greatly affected my ability to run this past year. With the help of my FitMyFoots, I'm slowly building my distance back with little to no pain.” – Sarah V. Long distance runner


Take the next step. Get your pair of FitMyFoot custom 3D printed insoles today and start running better, faster, longer, all while pain free.

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