How Many Steps We Take At Our Job Everyday

We've heard it a thousand times, over and over and over again: "You should walk 10,000 steps a day". However, most of us think that means you need to go out of your way to go to the gym, or on a run to get your steps in. That might not be the case. Here are 10 common jobs, and how many steps in an hour you take for that job during a regular work day.



OK, their job might be tough on the mind, but not so much on the feet. Mind you, these numbers skyrocket if they're standing in court all day. All of that standing around can also start to make your feet swell. (See: How to Treat Swollen Feet)

We have made pairs for quite a few people who work in offices – most of whom take a similar amount of steps every day. Lucie had this to say: "I love how they were personalized, easy to wear, and fit easily into all types of shoes. I wear them in my work shoes every day, and am considering on picking up another pair for running.”

Ultramarathon runner, and marketing professional, Linda Wong, said this: “I’ve been using FitMyFoot insoles for about 6 months now for my Plantar Fasciitis – the biggest benefit to me is that I don’t feel my feet. I would recommend these insoles for anyone as a first step to their foot problems.” See Linda's story here.



To serve and protect! The officers we rely on to keep us safe may only take up to 5,300 steps in a regular 8 hour shift, but those steps can be really hard on their feet, especially if they're chasing someone down, or jumping over fences. So to the men and women in blue – stay safe and keep those paws happy!



Only 14 steps shy of the 1,000 steps per hour mark. However, nurses still take around 7,888 steps in an 8 hour shift... and when the stress is as high as it can be in the healthcare industry, you will really start to feel them. FitMyFoot custom fit insoles can help! Get yours here.

Friend of FitMyFoot (formerly known as FitMyFoot), and Nurse, Krista Johnson had this to say: "I’m a registered nurse, and am on my feet for 12 hours a day. I’m currently training for my first half-marathon and I absolutely love the support my FitMyFoot’s give me. I can’t wait to log more hours with them!" See Krista's story here.

Nursing student Kristi T. L. said: “I found FitMyFoot on Kickstarter and got two pairs. Once I got into nursing school I bought ANOTHER pair. They really do help me stay on my feet all day. By the end of the day I don't even notice my feet anymore, which is huge for someone like me. I love them so much that I'm even getting a pair for my mom and sister!"




OK, this one definitely has some variables to it. For one, if you're working behind a computer running machinery, you won't be taking 7,900 steps – you will probably be closer to a lawyer. However, if you're a floor worker, hauling stuff around, not only are your feet working, but the rest of you are too. Our manufacturing team down at San Diego clocks around 7,200 steps a day, and they wear their FitMyFoot insoles everyday. It helps them to #KeepGoing while they help you to do the same.

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If your feet are the unsung heroes of our body, custodians are the unsung heroes of everywhere they touch (literally and figuratively). They are also the first occupation on this list to crack the 1,000 step per hour mark with a respectable 9,648 steps per 8 hour shift. If you think that they're bending and pushing and pulling their entire shift, that's hard on their back, body, and feet.



Here in Vancouver, there is a running joke that we have 2 seasons: winter, and construction. We are in a constant state of building and expanding the city to handle the influx of new occupants, and every time I see someone hauling rebar up a flight of steps in those big heavy boots, I wonder "How are they doing it?!". At the end of a very physical 8 hour shift, they would have taken a whopping 12,992 steps! That's 30% more than your recommendation! Nothing a few beers at the end of the day can't fix.



Now, we're starting to talk about some serious distance. If a server only had to do an 8 hour shift, they would still walk 13,776 steps a day. Now think about if you were to get caught in a 12 hour shift (3PM to 3AM), that's a ridiculous 20,664! All of a sudden those heels don't seem like the best idea, do they?

We worked with a cafe in NYC called Seven Grams Caffe to outfit their entire staff. This is what owner Sharon had to say: “When it comes to teams that spend most of their time on their feet – baking, brewing coffee and servicing customers – FitMyFoot is the ultimate employee perk. Not only does it help make their shifts a bit more cushioned, it’s also a perk they can enjoy outside the caffe, and I thought that the disruptive and innovative vision of FitMyFoot was the perfect fit for my team.” — Sharon Kasez, Owner


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And at the top of our list, mail carriers walk on an average, an astonishing 1,906 steps per hour - or about 15,248 in an 8 hour day. That's 76,240 steps in 5 days! Insane. That's the same as walking the empire state building 48 times every week. How do they do it? Proper footwear. Ask your mail carrier next time you see him/her if they are wearing custom insoles. My prediction is that they most certainly are.

Now that you have a better idea about how many steps does the average person take a day, you can choose how to reach your goals for the number of steps you want to reach each day. Are you walking as much, or more in your profession than these folks do? Then you may need to replace your insoles pronto!

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