How Custom Insoles Can Help Your Golf Game

How Custom Insoles Can Help Your Golf Game
Every golf pro will tell you that your stance is the foundation of a good. However, there is a secret little trick that can help you hit the ball upwards of 45 yards farther with your 1-wood, and 5 yards with your 5-iron.
The secret? 3/4 length custom insoles made specifically for your feet. The study used 3/4 length custom insoles in dress/oxford style shoes. The results were dramatic: "The average golfer studied added 44 yards to their drives with a 1-wood, and 4 yards to their 5-iron shots!Golfers studied were also more accurate: an average of 8 yards closer to the center line to the pin along with the increased distance for the drive."
The reason? Golfers (whether they're amateur, recreational, or pro) who have poor balance make have less consistent contact in the 'sweet spot'. When the insoles were introduced, they were seen to make a positive difference on the golfers ability. This inconsistency was assumed to be due to the fatigue associated with a full day on the course. The introduction of the fatigue reducing insoles helped keep muscle strength and balance up, therefore helping make a positive influence on the golfers game.
So there you have it. Next time you hit the course, and your golf buddies ask "How did you get so good?" you can call out FitMyFoot as your secret weapon!

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