Hot or Not: Top Trends from Ankle to Toe

Give a girl a nice pedicure, and she can conquer the world!Self-care is all about taking care of your body and improving your overall appearance, andsince you’re on yourfeetevery day, they deserve some love as well.

Pedicures are the perfect way to pamper your feet andimprove foot health since they make you feel relaxed while adding the perfect touch of glam. Speaking of foot glam, we have rounded up all the hottestpedicure and foottrends that will bedazzle your feet from ankle to toe.

1. Pastels for the Win

Pastels are the official color theme for spring and summer. When you’re tired of using the same old dark fall tones, these light hues give you the perfect color transition. You’ll know that the weather’s becoming warmer when the nail paint gets lighter and pastels have been all the rage lately.

Pastel Nail Polish

So many people have opted for a full white nail look even in winters. However, we're spoilt for choices regarding adorning our feet with delicate shades of lilac, peach, and baby blues. You can never go wrong with the subtle pastel nail colors as they complement your feet perfectly on a bright, sunny day.

2. Mood Polish

We may not have flying cars in the 21st century, but we thank science for blessing us with mood polish. Who would've ever thought that we'd ever have a nail paint that changes color according to our mood? These amusing nail paints will surprise you with a change of color with the temperature change.

While most of us change our nail paint on our own to suit the temperature, mood polishes save you from the hassle as they adapt to their changing environment on their own.This particularly happens when your body temperature drops or increases due the change in the surrounding temperature.

We all know that dark and vivid is the way to go in colder seasons and mood polishes adopt darker hues when it gets colder. Therefore, you’ll see your nail paint get darker as you enter a chilled air-conditioned room or go out at night.

Similarly, your nail paint develops a lighter hue in warmer temperatures. So, this nail paint will have lighter colors in summer, when you hold a cup of coffee or even when you have a fever. However, the colors remain neutral at a normal temperature.

These nail paints are also true to their name since your mood influences your body temperature as well. Therefore, those internal thermal fluctuations are one of the reasons behind the self-changing colors of this nail paint.

3. Eye-Catching Red

Red nail paint is a classic that has withstood the test of time. This shade has always been a show-stopper and makes one stand out of the crowd with its attractive and vibrant tones. However, there are variations in redas you can take your pick between a darker or a lighter shade of this color.

Applying Red Nail Polish

Red is the color of power, confidence and sex appeal. This shade can also make your nails pop and shine with a lustrous finish or give them a darker subtler look a matte finishing. Therefore, if you want to boost your confidence and make heads turn, then red is your go-to shade.

4. Glow in the Dark Polish

You know that fashion has come a long way if you have glow in the dark nail polish. As the name suggests, this nail paint glows and shines bright when it gets dark. It usually gives a neon-hued luster which almost make your nails stand out like a neon board. Talk about donning a head-turner.

This nail paint is a Halloween favorite as it helps people get their spook on and experiment with their creativity and Halloween looks. You could also wear this a glow in the dark nail polish on a fun night out with the girls as it will give you the perfect funky look.Waving your hand in this nail polish will definitely make it easierto spot you in a bustling crowd.

5. Natural Pedicure

Most people get their pedicures done in the warmer seasons as it gives them the perfect opportunity to flaunt their feet in sandals and other open-toe shoes. A natural pedicure usually consists of natural-looking shades which are very similar to our own nail color.

Since everyone usually has a pinkish nail tone, these pedicures enhance the underlying pink tone of your nails using a natural colored nail paint. You can also top this paint with a generous coating of a transparent nail polish that will enhance the shine and luster of your nails.

If you'll notice, all that's missing is a coat of white nail paint, and you will have a perfect French pedicure. Therefore, you could just keep your natural-looking nail tone, or you could go one step ahead and adorn the French pedicure look. The choice is yours.

6. Nail Art

Don't you just love being a girl? You have numerous options at your disposal when it comes to pampering yourself, and nail art is a luxury that takes your nails to a whole new level.Today, we have a wide range of nail art that allows us to experiment with all sorts of colors, jewels and beads.

tonail art

All you need is steady hands and a fine brush to make your nail art dreams come true. Nail art is something that can be done on both long and short nail as it makes them look equally good. We have rounded up some of the most stylish nail art trends that are always in vogue.

  • The New French Pedicure

One of the best trends we've seen this year is the multi-colored French pedicure half-moons. This trend has introduced a new way of painting your nails as you can ditch theusual French white for any color of your choice, and it will make your nails stand out like never before.

  • Flower Power

We will never get tired of a floral nail pattern as there are numerous ways to express your creativity with this trend. You can have any base color and any type of flowers in any shade of your choice. The options are limitless.

  • Animal Prints

Animal prints are another top pick that never goes out of style! The most common animal prints in pedicuresthat will make your nails roar with glaminclude the famous cheetah print and zebra print. Animal prints always make your nails look trendy and super-chic.

  • Shine On

All that glitters really is gold when it comes to glittery pedicures. You could either have a full coat of glitter nail paint, or you could have some fun with this nail paint and add a little hint of glitter to all your nail colors.

  • Geometric Patterns

If you want the effortlessly chic look, then any geometric pattern will do wonders for the overall appearance of your nails. Geometric patterns are also the easiest to draw as all you have to do is paint some lines till they form a nice pattern. Some of the most commonly used colors with these patterns and black, white and gold.

  • Razzle Bedazzle

You can’t truly bedazzle your nails without some nail jewels. This trend has been on the rise lately as you can give your nails a super-fun and royal look by adding some jewels and beads to them.

7. Toe Rings

Since we are talking about glamming your feet from ankle to toes, our list would be incomplete without talking about foot jewelry. While nail paints and pedicures make your nails stand out, foot jewelry makes your feet look super fancy. Toe rings were all the rage in the early '90s, and they are back with a bang.

There are different types of toe rings as you can have rings with floral patterns or rings with jewels on them. You can add the extra detail and attention to your toes with this fashion-forward accessory. Don't be afraid to experiment with your look and try this jewelry piece to make a bold statement.

8. Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets are one of the most common jewelry pieces ever worn. Ankle bracelets are also called anklets or ankle chains. This jewelry has been famous for a long time and its available in all sorts of designs.

Ankle Bracelets

You could have artificial anklets, or it can also be made from precious metals such as gold. From fashion runways to the local streets, you will find people wearing this beautifully eye-catching piece of jewelry everywhere.

Final Word

Your feet deserve all the pampering and care they can get as they can easily get tired of our everyday walking.One of the best ways to take care of your feet is by being mindful of foot wellness and using custom inserts or insoles to maintain your feet' optimal health.

You should also take care of your feet through pedicures and showing them some love through different nail paints, jewelry andwearing nice socks.

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