Give Yourself a Reflexology Massage this Valentine's Day

Every year, on February 14th, we’re reminded as a society to spread a bit of love to the people we care about in our lives. For some of us that looks like a quiet dinner for two. For others, it’s watching a horror movie with your roommate. Some of us only want chocolate, and a small few miss the times of the chalky candy hearts with the cute messages on them. Whatever is your go-to for Valentine’s Day, it’s always important to spend a little love and care on yourself.

Self Foot Massage

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about giving and receiving gifts from people that you love, it can also be about giving a bit of love to yourself. You may be getting tired of receiving chocolates and flowers and want to try something new. This year, you could try something a little different with lasting effects. We’re talking about bringing your bubble bath with a bath bomb game to the next level. One word: Reflexology. While you may not be a pro, this article will help give you some pointers on giving yourself the best foot care this Valentine’s Day.

A Brief History of Reflexology

Now, you’re about to dive in on a practice that has been around for thousands of years originating in places like Egypt and China. The understanding of Reflexology is knowing that energy moves through channels or meridians that are connected throughout the mass of all living organisms. When looking at your feet, there are specific zones that connect to specific meridians in the body.

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With Reflexology, you use pressure placed in certain areas of the foot whichwill also connect to specific parts of the body, giving the person getting the massage an experience that benefits the whole body. It is a technique that can also be used on the hands and ears. In Chinese tradition, the meridian is understood as qi, pronounced “chee”, which isknows as the pathways which carry vital energy throughout the body. When people are dealing with stress or pain, it is believed to be caused by a block in their qi. With a touch, the energy can return to flowing to different parts ofthe body.

Different blockages in one’s qi can result in pain, digestive issues, even anxiety, and stress, at least through the lens of reflexology. A foot massage may very well be the thing your need to help with that upper back pain or the stress you’vebeen feeling after a long week. There are specific steps to keep in mind to get the complete benefits of reflexology.

Benefits to Reflexology

Reflexologist, who are practitioners of reflexology, believe that the practice of touching specific parts of a person’s feet, hands, or ears brings many benefits like reduction to pain as well as anxiety. It can also lift a person’s mood and with continued practice, help improve a person’s wellbeing. Human touch, whether from yourself or another person, is incredibly beneficial whether or not you are a person that believes in energy flowing through your body.

Studies show that human touch can greatly improve a person’s overall state of life. Rubbing specific parts of the body can also improve circulation which can a
dd to other possible benefits like reducing stress and possibly helping with a person’s digestive system. Overall, there’s nothing you lose from giving your feet a little bit of TLC this year for Valentine’s Day.

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Reflexology in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Before you get started, make sure you have a comfortable place to sit and enough space to cross your leg over your knee. Also, be sure to have enough support for your back. Doing yourVDay reflexology foot care rub is perfect after having a relaxing bath with salts and a cool, fancy bath bomb. Feel free to use your favorite oil or moisturizer to keep your skin soft and to make it easier to slide your hands around. Keep in mind that the massage shouldn’t be painful in any way. An acupressure foot chart can be helpful to find specific pressure points around your foot that you may want to focus on.

Reflexology Chart

Massage Out the Blockages

To start, apply the oil or moisturizer of your choosing onto your foot. After identifying the specific areas you would like to focus on, for example, if you have a migraine, find the area that connects to the flow of energy that goes to your head. Next, press your thumb on the spot you have chosen. You shouldn’t be pushing down hard enough that you’re causing pain. Just enough pressure to be able to knead any kinks out. You can also gently squeeze your foot to help with any issue in connection to circulation.

If you want to go further, focus on certain reflex points along your foot with the technique called “the walking thumb”. This is when you apply pressure to a point, make circular motions with your thumb, and then move forward by a small step. It is important to note, certain areas of focus require specific breathing methods to help with bringing relief. When focusing on the diaphragm, it’s important to breathe deeply as you stimulate the reflex connected to that part of your body.

Feel like it’s been harder to focus lately? Well, there’s a way to relieve issues connect to the head even by massaging your foot. Even when it comes to issues involving your shoulders, there is a what to massage your foot to help relieve pressure and make it easier to allow your shoulders to relax.

These are the many reasons why giving yourself a reflexology foot massage is the best way to celebrate and giv
e love to yourself on Valentine’s Day without breaking your bank account or buying candy that will be discounted the next day. Maybe it can even turn into a tradition that you continue to keep, even for times when it’s not a holiday because it’s importantto give yourself care every day of the year.

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