Coquitlam Crunch Welcomes FitMyFoot as Medal Sponsor

Coquitlam Crunch Welcomes FitMyFoot as Medal Sponsor


Whether by bike or on foot, Team FitMyFoot was out over the weekend encouraging athletes of all stripes to #KeepGoing, first at theGranFondo 2016 expo, as a Gold sponsor of 2016 Triathlon BC Athlete Gala, and cheering on participants at theCoquitlam Crunch Diversity Challenge.

The popular trail east of Vancouver clocks in at just under 5k round-trip - with a grueling 437 steps to the top. The Challenge aims to get as many people as possible outside, and moving regardless of ability: unlike the notorious Grouse Grind part of the Crunch trail is paved, making it more wheelchair accessible.

Organizers also designed the event to challenge participants on a more personal level, based on individual skill. At the “recreational level,” hikers, runners, and amblers are invited to come out anytime between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. to try their hand - or, rather, feet - on the incline at least once. Upping the stakes for the first time this year, “stair master” competitors will sweat it out to see who can take the stairs the fastest. For the endurance crowd: a chance to see how many times you can chug up and down the loop in four hours.

The event saw participants from nearly every age and skill level - perfect for FitMyFoot to help both new and seasoned athletes understand how to get the most out of every step.

Especially for those who are just beginning their commitment to fitness, repetitive stress injuries can be a hidden danger that sneak up in the form of nagging pain, then a sudden flare-up that walks back weeks of progress. It’s a hard lesson to learn, that you could get by withunnoticed body misalignment for years, but suffer an injury as soon you start getting serious about your health.


Team FitMyFoot walked Crunchers through the scanning process, explaining how a few photos can map out each unique foot and help cushion, comfort, and align your stride - and keep your legs healthy.

Some of the speed competitors and those who did the four hour challenge were surprised to learn that the orthotics, just $69 USD compared to the hundreds of dollars elite athletes pay for custom insoles, can help take their training to the next level.

While the custom hard plastic layer supports the arch and keeps you injury-free, many athletes have reported the foam layer battles foot fatigue - helping them go longer, harder, and faster.

And they’re unique to you. Just like your ability.

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