Behind the Scenes with FitMyFoot’s New Designs

Last week, FitMyFoot launched all-new patterns for our Custom-Fit Insoles!

These new designs still come with the same custom-fit support that FitMyFoot insoles have always had, but we’re really excited about what the new designs represent.

Why? We've been working hard to figure out how to tell the many stories of FitMyFoot, and while our goal will always be to improve the way you function, feel, and perform, we want to do it in a waythat's uniquely ours.

While we're continuously improving our innovations and products, we also want to offer new designs that embody the FitMyFoot spirit. Plus, they add a pop of delight every time you put on your shoes!

So, meet the new collection, a perfect blend of the quirky, obsessed FitMyFoot Tribe.

PS. If you ever needed another reason for a new pair of FitMyFoots, we’ve got a fewbacon, gnomes, and floral print!

Want a behind the scenes look at the FitMyFoot design process?

Meet our designers Enger Bewza and Mary Ngo.

FitMyFoot designers Enger Bewza and Mary Ngo

What was the motivation behind releasing new top layers?

Enger: Our goal was to create designs that our customers could get excited about, and have fun with, that embodied the FitMyFoot spirit.

FitMyFoot insoles are great for high-performance athletes, but they’re also for everyday people. We wanted our designs to represent that. We spent time with our customers, getting to know them and their interests, and used them as inspiration in deciding the types of styles we wanted to offer. That’s how we decided to focus on a lot more lifestyle designs than our previous collection.

Mary: We also wanted our customers to have more fun with the customization process and pick designs that represent their personality and make them smile. I’m confident that these new top layers will add a pop of delight to any pair of shoes!

FitMyFoot designers Enger Bewza and Mary Ngo


What were the inspirations behind the various designs?

Enger: Our head office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and one of our favorite places to escape as Vancouverites, is Tofino, BC, located on Vancouver Island. Tofino has a little bit of everything, amazing surfing, hiking, camping and great food, it’s a great place to just catch some waves and take in the beautiful scenery. To add a little extra romance, I chose acolour palette representing a beautiful sunset.

tofino adventures and sunset insole

Enger: This design was created for people who shop for style. We were inspired by the concept of a custom suit jacket lining and applied it to shoes. It’s a small, easy way to add character to your outfit, plus, you can’t beat a vintage floral pattern!

Rose Floral Custom 3D Printed FitMyFoot Full Length Insole

Enger: One of our company mantras is #KeepGoing, which just speaks to that innate perseverance within all of us. That’s the motivation behind this design, celebrating people who hit their wall but find a way to keep goingwhatever that looks like. We used vibrant, high-energy colors and bold text to personify this. I’ve recently made some major changes in my life, in regards to living a healthier lifestyle, so this is something that resonated with me on a personal level. I’m planning to run my first half marathon and you can bet these babies will be in my runners!

Walk, Bike, Run Custom 3D Printed FitMyFoot Full Length Insole

Mary: The main inspiration was just the word FUN. I love whimsical and quirky design patterns, and nothing screams whimsy and quirk quite like gnomes and mushrooms. Clearly.

Gnome Mushroom Custom 3D Printed FitMyFoot 3/4 Length Insole

Mary:If there's one thing Vancouverites live by it is brunch. Every Sunday morning without fail, our Instagram feeds are filled with non-stop brunch shots.

Keeping aligned with our inspiration of fun, and the desire to offer more lifestyle designs... I had some fun with this one! Enger actually started this design with a tiled egg pattern, and I thought it would be extra awesome to add in some bacon strips. What a deep and meaningful story, right?

Bacon and Egg Brunch Custom 3D Printed FitMyFoot Full Length Insole

How often can we expect new designs?

Mary: TBA? This is actually the first time that we're doing such a drastic top layer design refresh. In a way, we're experimenting to see what people love and what designs need to go a different direction.

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